Monday, December 30, 2013

Microsoft Getting Ready To Release Outlook 2013 For Windows Tablets

If you are the owner of a Surface tablet or a tablet with Windows RT operating system, you would have been anticipating the release of an email client from Microsoft for these programs. However, your long wait is over. Microsoft has decided to release Outlook 2013 for its surface tablets and Windows RT OS. Tami Reller, who is Microsoft’s CMO and CFO for Windows section, announced this glad news. He was speaking at Computex. All the new Surface RT tablets and tablets that run on Windows RT will now feature Outlook 2013.
When you talk about Microsoft Outlook, the program was an instant hit soon after its release. The program has numerous features and updates that made it one of the best email client programs in the world. We could buy this email client for desktop and laptop computers. However, Microsoft did not include this program in its Surface RT tablets or other Windows based tablets.
In a blog post, Microsoft’s Chris Schneider says, “We’re always listening to our customers and one piece of feedback was that people want the power of Outlook on all their Windows PCs and tablets.” He added, “In fact, a Morgan Stanley research study found that 61 percent of people shopping for tablets consider Microsoft Office to be the single most important software feature.” 
In another announcement, the company made it clear that it also plans to make the email client program part of its Smartphones and PCs. The latest version of Outlook is rich in features. Most of its users have given positive reviews about Microsoft Outlook. The new version is more user-friendly and convenient to use. For example, if you wish to view the calendar events in the program, you need not switch the tabs and in turn can make use of the ‘peeks’ feature in the programs.
The new announcement comes weeks after Microsoft’s decision to give away free keyboard on the purchase of all Windows RT Surface tablets. With new offers in line, the company expects more users to choose Windows RT based tablets over its competitors. Microsoft’s Surface tablets face tough competition from Apple’s iPad and other Android based tablets.
Microsoft Surface tablets and Windows RT based tablets have not been able to pose a big threat to its competitors and lags behind in sales. However, with Microsoft offering one of its favorite programs of all time with the tablets free of cost, we might see a small change in the existing sales scenario.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Microsoft BSOD Patch Crashes Many Systems

Microsoft issued a statement urging users of the Windows 7 OS to uninstall the patch that had been shipped a week back, which caused a lot of problems to users. Many were victims of a system crash while others were stuck in endless reboots that crippled their work. The patch was issued on Tuesday but reports of problems were reported almost in an hour. Microsoft has promptly removed the update from the Windows Store to prevent further damage to other customers. In addition, the company urged those who are currently not experiencing any issues to remove the update for good.

The update was notorious for generating the Blue Screen of Death error message, which is probably why Microsoft was quick at yanking the update from the Windows Store. Repeated boots will render the system completely useless and Microsoft has been strongly encouraging any user who installed it to remove it as soon as possible.

Jim Bulger of Virtual Administration, an IT support vendor in the Washington D.C. area, posted on the mailing list saying, "The problems we have experienced were on machines with Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8 for Windows." Kaspersky also tied the CHKDSK issue for Windows Vista or Windows 7 PCs as well as Windows Serer 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2 users.

Microsoft failed to say something concrete about the cause of the issue or any measures to fix it. They could only comment emphatically, "We've determined that the update, when paired with certain third-party software, can cause system errors." As there is no solution for these Microsoft problems, many users are in a dilemma about the next course of action.

In Brazil, this issue only cropped up on PCs with the G-Buster plugin. It is one of the widely used browser security programs, which are often used in Brazilian banks. The security update MS13-036 issued to address four different vulnerabilities in Windows kernel mode driver carried the patch that crippled many systems. It was part of Microsoft’s nine-bulletin Patch Tuesday.

Microsoft already has issued instructions to remove the patch to get rid of the Microsoft problems. If any users have received the MS13-036 update, they should avoid rebooting the PC before uninstalling it. This is the not the first case of a Microsoft update crippling PCs. In 2008, a similar patch issued as a Windows Vista Service Pack 1 was responsible for many system crashes and other issues that bogged down hundreds of PCs. Two years later, another such update crashed Windows XP machines.

Microsoft should better come up with a quick solution to avoid facing the wrath of customers and probably release updates that never cause such issues in the first place.

Why Vista Is Overrated

The New York Times recently published an article stating all the Windows Vista problems. Excerpts from the article say, "The main problem with Vista, Microsoft said, was that given the delays, uncertainty and significant changes in the software, the rest of the industry was not ready when Vista finally arrived."
This is in a manner self-serving, as no organization likes to point out its own flaws. Blaming it on the “rest of industry” is a good escape route for Microsoft.
The truth is that Microsoft released Windows Vista a bit too early. Surely, there must have been high pressure on the company to release the OS. However, in fact a small percentage of the loyal Microsoft base actually cared about the delay. If the Vista was an exceptional OS not many would have cared about when it got released as long as it had high performance, loads of tools and features, fewer or no issues and ease of use.
In the quote above, Microsoft was referring to the lack of hardware drivers. However the entire blame cannot be shifted to the hardware manufacturers. Had Microsoft chosen to collaborate with hardware manufacturers or refrained from releasing the OS, knowing in advance that hardware compatibility would likely create an issue, Vista would have been a successful venture for Microsoft. Even legendary software giant Apple had released the Apple Leopard Mac OS X 10.5 prematurely. In retrospect, Linux still has higher hope. Programmers at Linux did not have pressure from the sales department or marketing department to release the OS. As there is no Linux headquarters itself, the OS would come out exactly when the programmers were thorough, and had created a sustainable, efficient operating system.
The article in New York Times even stated, "By now, Microsoft insists that most of the frustrating technical problems with Vista...have been resolved--and many industry executives and analysts agree." Techies can blabber for hours at end about the pros and cons of the OS, but for the average worker the only things that matter are the tools, applications, and above all that speed and efficiency with which they can get things done.
While large organizations rely heavily on the business suite application of Microsoft, a stable and high performance operating system would definitely boost the sales. From the average Joe to large business organizations, Vista did not offer anything that they hadn’t already gotten from Windows XP. A resurgent interest in Macs may see Linux and Apple as the top guns of the software industry. It is up to Microsoft to remove all Vista problems and offer something much more substantialto the public.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Lenovo To Re-launch Start Menu In Windows 8 OS

The biggest complaint on the latest Windows 8 operating system is the missing Start button. Many Windows 8 users have complained about the missing Start button in the Windows support forums and these complaints have caused a big headache to the Windows engineering team. Microsoft’s introduction of the Windows 8 operating system without the Start menu was hard for a number of users to digest. Many of the users who have done the Windows 8 transfer were very disappointed by the missing Start button.

It is heard that Lenovo is not going to wait for the release of Windows 8.1 to get the Start button back. They have partnered with a startup to restore the much-missed Start menu. The Windows 8.1 was to be released from Microsoft on October 17, 2013. This has apparently started rolling out to the manufacturers. With this update, the users will be able to see the return of the Start button, even though the full cascading menu will be absent. Possibly, in the light of this compromise, Lenovo has teamed up with the software company SweetLabs to pre-install its Pokki software on the computers. According to a press release by SweetLabs, Pokki will place a small acorn button where the Start button used to be.

Pokki is also a platform to distribute apps like Pinterest, Sound Cloud, Angry Birds, Twitter, Spotify and hundreds of other apps. This announcement also brings up improved app store and app recommendation platform, that will support additional app types which include traditional Windows apps such as Dropbox, Skype and Evernote as well as the Pokki version of social apps and web apps like Gmail and Facebook.

Meanwhile, the personal computer market is in the biggest decline of history, with the Windows 8 transfer proving to be highly troublesome among the users. The Pokki package has an app store from the Windows store, a modern Start menu and a gaming arcade. As per Bloomberg, Pokki has been downloaded into more than three million Windows 8 computers, with the average consumer opening the Pokki software more than ten times a day.

As per Lenovo, the Pokki software will arrive on some IdeaPad, IdeaCentre and ThinkPad models, though they did not specify on which models. This will be rolled out in the coming weeks. Bloomberg says that Pokki will eventually come pre-installed on all the models of Lenovo PCs. Lenovo also said that the devices would be available in multiple areas globally.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Setting Up Microsoft Outlook To Receive Comcast Email

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most widely used email applications, which boasts of many advanced features. It is also known as a personal information manager that enables the users to store their personal information as well as keep a track of their important days and events. The features such as calendar, journals, task manager etc help the users to schedule and organize their important days, events and tasks. This information is stored in files known as personal information tables or .PST files.

As mentioned earlier, Microsoft Outlook is one of the widely used email applications and sometimes, a user face issues while receiving emails from a specific email address. It has been observed that the Comcast email subscribers usually have one or more email addresses to go with an Internet account. Hence, if you are a Comcast subscriber, and would like to access these email accounts using an email client, such as Microsoft Outlook, you must configure the software first. According to the Microsoft tech support, you can easily configure the Outlook email setup in Outlook 2010. The Microsoft Outlook can easily detect the server settings, such as the outgoing and incoming mail servers that the users would be familiar with.

You can try the following instructions to set up Microsoft Outlook to receive the Comcast email before contacting the technical support.

  • In the first step, open the Microsoft Outlook 2010 application in your system. Once it is opened, you need to click the File tab near the top of the main window. Now, select the Add Account button above Account Settings.
  • In the next step, you need to check the information that appears on the Auto Account Setup page. Here you may notice that Outlook email setup would attempt to fill in your name and email address.
  • Hence, make sure, if Outlook is able to detect your name and Comcast email address. If you find the wrong details are displayed, select the radio button for Manually Configure Server Settings or Additional Server Types Email Account and type the correct name and address. However, if Outlook does not fill in the information, you need to enter it correctly.
  • Now, click Next. You would be asked for your Comcast user name and password, and once your email account is verified, Outlook will confirm it to set up your account. Once it is set up, click Finish.

Therefore, these steps would help you to set up Outlook email for your Comcast account. For more information, contact our feel tech support.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Resetting The Administrator Account Password In Windows XP

The Administrator account enjoys a significant role in the working of a Windows XP computer. Only a user in command of the administrator account can access a variety of tasks and functions. Due to the importance of the administrator account, a password is required to gain access and take control of the account. However, the administrator account cannot be used if the user has forgotten the password. However, by the means of the password reset disk, a user can reset the administrator password. By following the below provided Microsoft support page guidelines, you can easily reset the password.

  • First, you require restarting your system.
  • When the Windows XP logon screen is visible, you need to select the Administrator account.
  • You need to choose the option Use Your Password Reset Disk. When the password reset window appears, you have to choose the Next option.
  • Into the optical disk drive, you have to insert the password reset disk. If you do not have a password reset disk with you, you can know about how to create a password reset disk by visiting the official support page of Microsoft.
  • In the Type a new password field, you have to enter your new password. In the Password Confirmation box, you will have to enter the new password again.
  • In the Type a new password hint field, you need to enter a password hint so that you can recall the password later if required. Now select the Next button.
  • To complete the process, you have to select the Finish option. 
  • Now you can log in to the administrative account with the new administrative password and take complete control over the operating system.
Make sure that you make a note of the password and keep it in a safe place. If you keep the password in an unsecure location, anybody can get access to it and gain access to the administrator account. By following the above provided Microsoft support page guidelines, you can easily reset the administrator password with the help of the password reset disk. If you have any doubts regarding any of the steps, you can visit the Microsoft help and support page to clear your queries.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Exporting Outlook Contacts Into CSV Files

Did you know that you could move your Outlook contacts? That’s right; in Outlook 2007 and 2010 you can export contacts from your Outlook address book and copy them into another address book, spreadsheet, web mail application or databases. Exporting these into a file and saving that in a format which is understood by most standard email programs, helps with the process.

Comma Separated Values are the most preferred file format, however if you wish to access the same contacts in another copy of Outlook, it is better to use .pst as export format. For other services use CSV files.

Exporting contacts from Outlook address book to CSV file in Outlook 2010
  • Open your MS Outlook application.
  • Click on the File tab on the top left corner of the Outlook window.
  • Click on the Options button then select the Advanced tab.
  • In the Export section click on Export.
  • When the Import and Export Wizard opens click on Export to a file and then click on Next.
  • In the section Create a file of type, select the type of export you want to carry out and click Next. Comma Separated values or CSV file is the most preferred way. Select this.
  • In Select Folder to export from option select the contact folder which you would like to export, and click Next.
  • Click on the Browse option under Save exported file as and then choose a destination folder. Type a name for the file in the File name box.
  • Click on Next in the Export to a File dialog box.
  • Click on the Finish button. All your contacts have been transferred into another file as Comma Separated Values.
  • Exporting contacts from Outlook address book to CSV file in Outlook 2007
  • Open your Outlook 2007 application and choose the Import and Export option in the File menu.
  • Ensure that you highlight Export to a file and select the Next option.
  • Choose the file format in which you wish to save the Outlook contacts. Select CSV as your file format and click on Next.
  • Using browse button select a memory location for your CSV file, and give it an appropriate name. All your exported contacts will appear in this location, in the CSV file format.
  • Click on Next and then click Finish to complete the process.
Now your Outlook contacts have been saved in a CSV file on your computer. You can access this file or copy it and access them on a different computer’s Outlook. If you have any issues contact Outlook help desk for further assistance with your problems.

Sending Mails In Outlook Express

The email client from Microsoft called Outlook Express does wonders, and it is used by tons of people all over the globe. The primary task of sending and receiving messages can be completed with ease. By following the below Outlook Express help guidelines, the Outlook Express can be easily configured, and you will be able to send and receive messages with the Outlook Express.

  • From any email service provider, sign up for the service and make a note of the username, password, POP3 server, SMTP server and any other details the email service provider gives. These details are required to setup POP3 email service in the Outlook Express.
  • Either access the Outlook Express from the Start menu that is present in the taskbar, or launch the Outlook Express by double clicking the desktop shortcut icon. From the different menus that are available in Outlook Express, choose the Tools menu and click on Email Accounts. The check box corresponding to add a new email account has to be check marked and select the Next button. Below the server type, choose POP3 and select Next again.
  • Below the Internet Email Settings, enter your name, username, password, SMTP mail server, POP3 mail server all of which that you had earlier made a note. The Test Account Settings button has to be selected to see that if the details entered are correct. Choose the Next button and select the Finish option.
  • In the top left corner of the Outlook Express, the New Mail Message button will be present. Select it and a window will open.
  • In the To filed, enter the email address of the person to whom you wish to send the email. In the Subject filed, enter the subject of the message and in the body of the window, enter the message that you want to send, and in order to send the message, select the Send button.
By following the Outlook Express help guidelines, you can easily send messages with the Outlook Express. If you have trouble understanding the guidelines, or if you require any professional help in sending messages in Outlook Express, you may visit the Microsoft tech support. The Microsoft tech support provides the best assistance for all your Outlook Express needs. The highly trained and skilled representatives at tech support are available round the clock and cater to the needs of the customers.

How To Troubleshoot Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is the go-to solution for help with their work, to most of the people. Home users as well as business users utilize this gem of an application. Well, like all other software and applications that are in the market, Outlook also faces problems. Problems like Microsoft Outlook cannot start, and other problems, have been a cause of concern for many users. By following the below provided tips, the Outlook problems can be tackled.

  • Exit from all applications and programs, shut down the system, and restart the system. This is supposed to straighten out the Outlook issues, if it is suffering from small niggles.
  • Check if the antivirus tool that is installed in your system is scanning Outlook. As if the antivirus tool has found any infections in Outlook or in the emails, access to Outlook may not be possible. So only, after the scan completes, try to access Outlook.
  • Make use of the System Restore to work with Outlook at an earlier date, when Outlook was working properly. In order to perform a System Restore, click on the Start button that is present in the extreme bottom left of the taskbar, and the Start menu will pop up. Enter System Restore in the Search bar, and tap the Enter key. Now access the program, choose a date that you remember when Outlook was working fine, and then follow the required instructions.
  • In order to send and receive emails you need to be connected to the internet. To know whether you are connected to the internet, click on the Start button, and the Start menu will pop up. Now choose Control Panel. Choose the Networks And Internet, and choose the Network Sharing Center. Now you will be able to see if you are connected to the internet. If you see that, you are not connected, unplug the modem, and after a small duration, plug it back in and restart your system, and you can see that you will be connected to the internet.
  • If you have error messages that pop up, what that means is that, default gateway may not be configured properly. Now visit the Microsoft support page and at the bottom of the page, a Fix This For Me option will be present. Choose it in order to download a wizard that will solve the problem of the error messages popping up.
By following these tips, Microsoft Outlook cannot start and other Outlook problems can easily be solved.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Fixing The LCD Display Of A Computer

The LCD monitor of a laptop should be carefully handled. If not handled properly, it may get damaged. After a certain time, the LCD display of the laptop may face issues; issues like screen flickering, display becoming dim and not working at all. This may occur over the years due to constant use or may happen abruptly while you work on the system. By following the below provided computer repair guidelines, one can troubleshoot the LCD issues easily. 


  • First, you have to identify whether the problem is with the LCD monitor or with the laptop. In order to check this, the laptop has to be connected to an external display like a projector. If the output of the projector is perfect, then the LCD display is the root cause of the display issue and the laptop’s video card and motherboard do not face any issues. 
  • The laptop has to be turned off and disconnected from the power source. The battery of the laptop has to be removed. 
  • The screws of the LCD from the plastic frame have to be removed. The user manual of the laptop has to be verified in order to exactly know the position of the screws and the number of screws. The screws have to be removed carefully and placed together so that it does not get misplaced. 
  • After removing the screws, the bezel has to be loosened. This can be done by pulling the finger that is inserted in between the gap of the screen and the frame towards you. It should be completely detached and any hooks or clips that are connected should be disconnected. 
  • The connections on the either end of the inverter board have to be checked. The inverter that is positioned at the bottom of the screen has to be located and its cables have to be unplugged. The video cable that is taped to the back of the screen from the motherboard has to be unplugged. The cables have to be reattached and the laptop has to be turned on. 

By following these computer repair guidelines, you can easily troubleshoot LCD malfunctioning issues. However, if the problems persist, you will have to take your laptop and visit an authorized service center of the laptop manufacturer to fix the LCD display issue.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Get Rid Of Virus And System Errors Using Kaspersky Antivirus

Do you see unfamiliar changes on your Windows computer unexpectedly? Often such strange activities can leave many novices to computers wondering as to what caused such a change. In all possibility, this might have been caused because of a virus, or a malware infection, or maybe even due to a system failure.
Proper antivirus support can help you get out of this trouble, and the best thing you can do here is to use the Kaspersky antivirus program. The system restore feature of the program helps you find threats and system errors, and also provides solutions for the same.
Here is how you can make use of this antivirus support program to deal with your system troubles.

  • Launch the Kaspersky antivirus program on your computer. You can either launch it from the Start menu in the taskbar, by going to Programs, and then Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2011, or you can directly access the program from the notification area in the rightmost corner of the taskbar.
  • Once the program has been launched, click on the Tools option on the left side of the main window that opens up.
  • Choose the option Search for problems caused by malware activity and click the Next button to continue to the scanning process.
  • Wait until the system finishes the search and as it gets completed, a message Check Completed will appear on the screen.
  • The scan results will be shown in a new window with all the threats and errors detected, along with a number of options to deal with the threats.
  • Among the options shown, choose all the options under the category of Additional Actions and then click on the Next button to perform the actions that you chose.
  • The options include the system restore as well as the threat removal option. So wait until all the selected actions have been completed. Once this is done, another window with the message System restore completed successfully will be displayed.
  • This message confirms that your system settings have been restored, and that the threats due to malware or other malicious infections, have been removed.
  • You can now click on the Finish button to complete the process, and close the Kaspersky program.
These are the easiest steps to perform troubleshooting using Kaspersky antivirus program. In case you need any assistance, you may seek help from the Kaspersky Support site.

Monday, October 21, 2013

How To Add Verizon Online Email Account To Outlook

Microsoft Outlook lets you configure different email accounts into one single platform so that your email management becomes easy. If your Internet Service Provider is Verizon, you might probably have an email account with Verizon.
When you setup a Verizon Online email account, you will be provided with a user name and password. Once you have all the required information to use your Verizon Online email account, you can add your Verizon account to your Microsoft Outlook account so that you don’t have to login separately. To use your Verizon email account, you first need to setup your email software with your Verizon email account settings.
There are some important account settings that you need to configure in order to use Outlook for Verizon Web Mail. The configuration settings are as follows;

 Server information:

Incoming mail (POP3):
Outgoing mail (SMTP):

 Server Port numbers:

Incoming mail (POP3):  995
Outgoing mail (SMTP):  465

 And of course, you need to verify and reenter your user name/password. Follow these Outlook tech support guidelines to configure your Microsoft Outlook.

  • Open Microsoft Outlook on your computer and go to the Tools menu at the top of the Outlook window. 
  • From the Tools menu, click the option Email Accounts and further click on Add a new email account. Click the Next button. 
  • You need to select the option POP3 and click the Next button again. 
  • You need to provide your name in the Your Name field and then provide your Verizon email address into the Email Address field respectively.
  • Now you need to enter into the Incoming mail server (POP3) filed. Also enter into the Outgoing mail server (SMTP) field. 
  • Now it’s time to select the Server Port numbers; Set Incoming mail (POP3) as 995 and Outgoing mail (SMTP) as 465. 
  • Type in your Verizon user name into the User Name field and provide your password information in the Password field. To make sure that the information you provided is correct, select the Test Account Settings. 
  • Click the option More Settings and then select the General tab. Select the Verizon Online option. 
  • Click the OK button and proceed by clicking Next. Finally click the Finish button to complete the setup process. 
Exit and re-launch Microsoft Outlook. You should now be able to access your Verizon Online email account using Outlook. You can check your Verizon mail inbox, send emails and perform a variety of other tasks. If you face any problem accessing your Verizon account, the Outlook tech support team can provide you with further assistance.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

How To Troubleshoot A Laptop LCD Monitor

Modern day computers now come with LCD or LED monitors, which have so many advantages as compared to the traditional CRT monitors. These monitors are compact, lightweight, and do not consume much desk space. Secondly, these monitors do not consume much electricity and can even be operated using batteries. Also, the images transmitted by these monitors do not get geometrically distorted and have little flicker.
Are you facing problems with your laptop LCD monitor? Is nothing showing up on your monitor? Luckily, testing a monitor is one of the easier computer troubleshooting steps. By fully testing your monitor using a logical troubleshooting process, you can find out whether your monitor is working properly or not and then take necessary action to get it back up and running. Follow these easy computer repair troubleshooting steps to test your monitor.

  • First step is to diagnose the problem. Hook up the laptop to an external display unit, such as a projector or a desktop monitor. If you are able to see images or videos in the external unit, it means the problem lies with the laptop’s LCD display and not with its video card or motherboard. 
  • To fix the laptop LCD problem, first you need to shutdown the laptop. Make sure that the power cord is unplugged from the laptop and the wall outlet. Now you need to remove the laptop battery. Take off the plastic cover and raise the battery from its dock under the laptop.
  • First, you need to remove the bezel (plastic frame around the LCD screen). Refer the laptop manual and carefully remove the screws. Gently pry the rubber seals loose with a flat tipped tool to expose the screws. Remove all the screws and place them in a small container away from the work area.
  • After all the screws have been removed, use your finger to dislodge the bezel. Place a finger between the frame and the screen and pull the finger toward you to loosen it. Start from the bottom center and go all around the frame to completely detach it from the LCD panel. Locate and undo any locking mechanism such as clips or hooks to free the bezel.
  • Now, check the cable connections on either end of the inverter board. Now that you have removed the bezel, you will be able to see the bare LCD screen enclosed in a thin metallic frame. Locate a small green component-the inverter, usually taped at the bottom of the screen, and unplug its cables. Unplug the video cable, taped to the back of the screen, from the motherboard. Reattach the cables and turn on the laptop. 
This simple troubleshooting method should fix the problem with your laptop LCD screen. If the problem persists, better contact a computer repair technician and get it fixed quickly.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fix The Most Common Windows Live Messenger Error 80072

Windows Live Messenger is the instant chat messaging service included with Microsoft’s Live Essentials package. Live Messenger lets you connect with your dear and near ones at real time with ease.

Other than text messaging, Live Messenger also lets you perform audio and video calls using its easy to use tools and features. However, you may face problems with Windows Live Messenger while using the service. Microsoft has designed this application in such a way that the users will get error codes and messages whenever Live Messenger encounters problems.

One common error code that users get while using Live Messenger is Error 80072EFD. This indicates that the problem is related to the computer’s network connection. More related topics can be found on Microsoft Support page and Microsoft forums. Here are a few Microsoft support guidelines that will help you troubleshoot the Windows Live Messenger Error 80072.

Troubleshooting steps
  • The first step towards troubleshooting the issue is to check your internet connection. In order to check whether you have an active internet connection, try opening Internet Explorer or some other Internet application and see if you are able to connect. If you are unable to establish a connection, it could be indicative of some problem with your internet service provider or your modem. If the problem is with the modem, resetting the modem can fix the issue.  If needed, you may contact your ISP’s technical support line for assistance. 
  • Check for the latest updates for Internet Explorer. To do this, go to the Windows Update website and see if there are any updates available for Internet Explorer. Once all the updates are installed, restart your computer to let the changes take effect. Try to login to Windows Live Messenger again and check to see if the issue has been solved.
  • Check whether Windows Firewall is blocking your Live Messenger application. Go to the Live Messenger Firewall page for information on how to allow Live Messenger through the most common types of Firewall. 
  • Go to the proxy settings and remove any settings to connect directly to the Messenger service. Go to the Tools menu and select Options. Click Connections from the menu and further select Advanced Settings. Locate the SOCKS field and delete any information from there. Click the OK button twice to save the settings. 
You might have to perform a series of troubleshooting steps to fix connection issues related to Windows Live Messenger.  If you are still unable to fix the issue with Live Messenger, more assistance is available on Microsoft Support page.

How To Change The Signature In Microsoft Outlook

Outlook is an excellent email client that works right from your desktop system, and it does away with the need to go online and sign in to your account every time you need to check your e-mail.
Outlook features many other useful options that make your email handling highly convenient and less time-consuming. In addition, you can save all the data onto your computer, and peruse them while offline. The Outlook email setup is fairly simple, and it takes no genius to figure it out. There are, though, some options, like the email stationary and email signatures, which allow for added customization.
The signature option is one of the most personal among these, and can add professionalism if you create a quality signature. It also looks much better than when you add your name and contact info to the tail of every message. If you have already got a signature set up, here is how you can change it.

Manipulating the Outlook email setup to change the signature
  • Open the program from the Start menu in the desktop of your computer, and then type in Outlook in the field that is shown. When you see an entry displayed for the program, click on it to open it.
  • Choose the Mail option in the left pane of the program, if it is not already chosen by default.
  • At the top left of the window, click on the Office button, after which you must open Options to go to Outlook Options. After this, select the Mail tab in the left-hand pane.
  • Select the Signatures button beside the Create or modify signatures for messages option. This will display the Signatures and Stationary window on the screen.
  • Choose the signature you wish to change from the box labeled Select signature to edit. If there is only one signature set up, that one is obviously chosen by default.
  • Do whatever editing you wish to, with the signature from the Edit signature text box. The buttons over the text box can be used to alter the font, the text size and even to insert an image.
  • Confirm the changes made, by clicking OK in the Signatures and Stationary window, and then by clicking OK in the Options window.
These are the guidelines for changing the signature in Outlook. If you have further queries, contact the Outlook support team and get more assistance.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Windows XP Running Slow

Windows XP is one of the most popular operating systems ever launched by Microsoft. This operating system continues to be used still in most corporations rather than using the latest version of Windows. Windows XP is just below Windows 7 in the list of most used Operating systems. Though a great operating system, it gets slow after prolonged use without much maintenance. Over time it accumulates temporary files and other useless data that isn’t required. This slows it down in the long term.
When Windows XP slows down if you do a little maintenance on it, it could probably be sped up by a considerable amount. You can contact support via the Windows support number. Here are a few instructions to solve this problem, though you should always make a backup of the data before cleaning your computer.
Click the Start button which is in the lower left corner of your screen. Navigate to the Control Panel and click on it. This would reveal the Add or Remove Software window. Go through this list one at a time, and remove the programs that you do not use. These programs could be removed by highlighting them in the list and then clicking on the Remove button corresponding. This would clean most of the programs that you have unnecessarily installed on your computer. Sometimes while installing one software another hitches on, with the user not noting any of this. Doing this every once in a while would keep your computer free from rogue programs and applications.
To clean your computer memory, go to My Computer and right click on the drive you would like to clean up. In the context menu, click on the Properties option. This will reveal the Properties window for that particular drive. Select the Disk cleanup button that appears. The disk cleanup utility only removes old log files and partially deleted files from your computer. They do not affect any other files on your computer. Click on the OK button to remove the unnecessary files.
Defragment your computer once in a while to keep your computer up to speed. You can get to this tool by right clicking on your hard drive and selecting Properties. Go to the Tools tab and then click on the Defragment now button. Select the drive you want to defragment and then click the Defragment button.
I hope you were able to speed up your computer by following the above tips. For more support you can contact Windows support via the Windows support number.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Know About The Windows 8 PC Settings

Microsoft’s latest Windows version, Windows 8 has definitely created quite an impression among the computer enthusiasts. A sudden outburst of Windows admirers has been witnessed with the launch of Windows 8 OS version. It has brilliantly included some intuitive human interface features that have gained much appreciation. Want to learn more about how to change to Windows 8, visit the Windows 8 transfer site.

Changing the PC settings of Windows 8
Here we are discussing on how to adjust the Windows 8 screen setting function. In order to open the PC settings screen, you may follow these steps:

First you need to open the Charms bar’s Settings pane. You can do this using either of the three ways. 
  • Using Mouse: Move the cursor to the screen’s top or bottom right corner. When you see the Charms bar appear, click on the “Settings” icon.
  • Using Keyboard: Press the short keys  “Windows+I”
  • Using touch screen: Slide your finger on the screen from right edge inward to pop-out the Charms bar and tap on the “Settings” icon.
From the Settings window, choose the option “Change PC Settings”. You will now get the PC Settings screen. Similar to the Control Panel that we are familiar with, the PC Settings screen breaks down into different categories. The categories are mentioned below.
  • Personalize:  Using this tool you can personalize your Start screen and Lock screen picture. Also you can change the thumbnail photo for different user accounts.
  • Users: Using this tool you can change your password and also can give authorization to a different person to use your system.
  • Search: This category is used to prevent an app or its contents from getting indexed.
  • Share: This is specially intended for those who are usually social network users who would like to share things they see on their screen. 
  • Privacy: This category is intended to prevent apps from grabbing your geographic location, name and account picture.
  • Devices: This lists all the connected devices to your computer like the mouse, keyboard, monitor, printer, camera, speakers and any other external peripherals. This allows you to remove or add any devices from or onto your computer.
  • Sync Your Settings: Suppose you have a Microsoft account and you have logged in using that account to your Windows 8 computer, this feature lets you sync the Microsoft account settings so that when you use a different Windows 8 computer, it loads with your Microsoft’s account settings like color, background, and other preferences on that machine.
The Windows 8 transfer site provides you with information to transfer your files to the Windows 8 platform. You can access the site for any further information on the same.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Repairing Your Outlook Application

The MS Outlook application saves all the information in PST file. Over the years this PST file format has undergone many changes in format. Older versions of Outlook saved PST files in the ANSI format, and could only have a maximum of 2 GB worth of information stored in the database. Later versions modified the PST file format to the Unicode format, which permitted the data storage capacity to increase substantially up to 20 GB.
Regular users of Outlook may be familiar with many difficulties with the Outlook application. One of the primary causes of these issues is the PST file exceeding the file storage limit. These files, also referred to as oversized PST files, are more prone to corruption which can cause loss of valuable information. Your PST file may also be destroyed by hardware issues, attacks from viruses, power surges, and improper exit from the application or a malfunctioning hard drive.
Other causes of error also include having insufficient RAM, inadequate space in the hard drive to save swapped files, corrupt installation of the Outlook program, and corruption of your Outlook profile.
Fortunately, all these problems can be fixed easily; just follow the below instructions.
  • If insufficient RAM causes an error message you should try to make more RAM available for the application to run smoothly. Close all programs and restart Windows. Upon restart open only programs that are required, and close any application after use. A good way to stop unnecessary programs is by accessing the task manager and stop execution of ones that have no immediate purpose.
  • If the error emerges due to lack of hard drive swap space, proceed to delete unnecessary items on the screen and obtain more memory space.
  • If your Outlook installation turned out to be corrupt, reinstall MS Outlook by modifying the name of the Outlib.dil file.
  • Create a new Outlook account if the cause of error is a corrupt Outlook profile.
Performing an Outlook repair in crucial moments can protect from data loss and file corruption. There are also Outlook repair tools available which can fix your Outlook issues, but which are slightly time consuming. You can also check up for other tools and software online, which would repair the PST files quickly. Some of the popular PST file repair tools include:
  • Kernel recovery for PST
  • Stellar phoenix Outlook PST repair
  • The built in cleaner Scanpst.exe
Using these tools can definitely help in repairing the files. If you face issues with the use of these repair tools, or any other problems with Outlook, contact the Outlook helpdesk for further instructions and tips.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

How To Add RAM In A HP Laptop

Are you a HP laptop user? Is your laptop running slow? Adding extra RAM to the laptop will definitely make it run fast. It is always easy for the CPU to access the RAM than the hard disk. RAM is the acronym of Random Access Memory and it is a type of data storage used by the CPU of the computer. The amount of RAM installed in your computer directly determines how fast your computer can perform assigned tasks and run multiple programs.

Therefore, adding RAM will increase the performance of your PC. If you are having an HP laptop, adding extra RAM is a very easy and an easy task and requires you to remove only a few screws. The steps to do this are explained below. You may also know more about this by referring the HP laptop support module of the official website of HP.

Instructions To Add RAM

  • Shut down the computer and remove the AC cable from the connector of the laptop. After doing this, turn the computer upside down so that you are looking at the bottom of it.
  • You can spot the memory bay at the bottom of the laptop. Unscrew the cover to the memory bay. You may use a Phillips-head screwdriver to do this. Make sure to ground yourself by placing a hand on a metal object and the other on the computer cover.
  • Open one of the memory bays. You can do this by spreading the clips on either end of the bay with the help of your fingernails.
  • Hold the new RAM chip on its ends and place the connectors into the bay. You can recognize the connector as it is gold colored. To snap the connector in place, press it down.
  • Rotate the clips over the new RAM chip to close the memory bay. After completing this, replace the cover to the memory area and tighten the screws. Plug in the AC connector of the laptop and turn it on to check if it is working properly. Now, check the available RAM from the system properties option.

These are the simple steps to add a new RAM module to your HP laptop. If you are not okay with any of the steps, you may seek the help of an HP laptop support technician to complete the procedure.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Finding An App And Installing It From Windows Store

Have you got used to Microsoft Windows 8 operating system already? You might have to find and install apps and programs of your choice from Windows store as free trial versions or purchased ones. You can get Windows help to solve the errors or doubts that you come across with apps on Windows store as well as their installation issues.

The reasons listed below might be preventing you from finding and installing an interesting app from Windows store.

  • You might be having settings for hiding apps
             Set your preferences for Windows Store so that the required or desired apps are never hidden from you. 
  • Age rating for a particular app due to family safety settings
             This parental or age control is useful, but sometimes prevent desirable apps to pop up in the searches made. You would totally forget about this safety setting and may complain that such an app never lists out in your computer’s Windows store.
  • The app unavailable in your country or region
             You need to know that certain Windows Store apps are country or region specific and wouldn’t be available in other areas of the world. This might also occur, if you have chosen your country as a random wrong option from the list of countries during account set up. Make changes to the country selected and the suitable apps would be available in the future searches.
  • The payment method enabled for your account does not match with your residing country or region
             If you wish to buy an app, the payment method should belong to the particular country from where you make the purchase. This might be enforced as a step to provide an overall control or monitoring of the transactions made. 
  • Windows store does not have this app any longer
             The app would have become outdated and removed from the Windows Store list.
  • Incompatibility of processor with the chosen app
            See to the standard system specifications for the chosen app; errors might be popping up due to incompatibility issues. 
  • The system requirements of the app are not met by your PC
            The account to which you are signed in to your PC might not be having enough privileges and specifications as required by the app. 

Hope Windows help information on the problems with apps on Windows Store helped you to fix the PC issues.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

How To Use The Windows Vista Narrator Program

Like with the previous Windows versions, Windows Vista too comes equipped with the very useful accessibility feature called the Text to Speech program, otherwise called Narrator, that lets users interact with their computers through voice.
This accessibility feature significantly reduces the use of the mouse and keyboard, at the same time maintaining or increasing the overall productivity. This feature is also intended to help users who are sight impaired. The Text to Speech program could read out documents, Emails, Windows menus or whatever texts you have on your computer screen, making your job really easy.
There is a similar feature in Windows Vista called the Speech Recognition program that lets you use voice commands to start or switch between applications or even control the different functions of your Windows operating systems. The below mentioned Windows Vista Help guidelines will help you use the Narrator program easily.

Instructions to use the Text to Speech Recognition program
  • Before you can use the speech recognition program, make sure that your computer speakers are in good condition. Test your computer speakers and their sound. Try playing some audio files like MP3 files and check to see if you are able to hear them properly. After you have confirmed that your computer speakers do work, you may start the Text to Speech program. 
  • To start the Text to Speech program, go to the Start menu and select “All Programs”. Click on “Accessories” from All Programs menu and further select “Ease of Access”. Here you will find the speech recognition program “Narrator”. Click on it to open the program.
  • If you want it to be opened in a minimized window, you could go to the Options menu and change it accordingly. Select the appropriate checkboxes to have Narrator read system notifications and messages for you. 
  • Open the document or the window that you want Narrator to read for you and click on it to make it active. Pressing "CTRL+SHIFT+SPACEBAR" simultaneously will bring up the Narrator program, and the program will start to read the entire window. In order to read the title, simply press the “ALT+HOME” keys. To make Narrator program silent, press the “CTRL” key.
  • Once you have done using Narrator, click the “Exit” button to close the Text to Speech program.
If you have trouble using the Text to Speech Narrator program, you can avail of Windows Vista help from the Microsoft Help and Support Center to resolve your issue.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

How To Add Or Remove Address Book In Microsoft Outlook

As we all know, Microsoft Outlook is a very popular desktop email client used by many around the world. Microsoft Outlook’s user-friendly features and tools let you manage your multiple email accounts with so much of ease. It not only manages your email services but also doubles as a contact manager.

Among its various features, Address Book is an important feature that lets Outlook manage all its contact information efficiently. It sorts and organizes all your email addresses with so much ease that you never have to worry about how your emails are being sent and received. However, despite these facts, you may sometimes want to delete your Address Book or create a new one. Mentioned below are instructions on how you can add or delete your Address Book in Outlook.

  • Close your Outlook application if it is open. 
  • Locate Outlook application in your computer and right-click on the Outlook icon. 
  • Select Properties from the popup menu and further select Email Account. 
  • Click on Directory tab and then select the option View or change existing Directories or Address book. 
  • Proceed by clicking Next and then Outlook Address Book. 
  • You need to click Remove, then Finish and finally click Close. 
  • Now open your Outlook to see if the Address Book is removed from it. You would not find your old Address Book anymore on your Outlook. 
  • Close the Outlook window once again. 
  • Right-click on Outlook icon like you did before and select the option Properties from the popup menu. Further, click the option Directories and then Add a New Directory or Address Book. Proceed by clicking Next. 
  • Click Additional Address Book and then Next. 
  • Further click Select Outlook Address and again click Next. 
  • Finally click OK and then Close to exit the window. 
  • Re-launch the Outlook application. Locate Contacts and right-click on it. 
  • From the popup menu, select Properties. 
  • From the Properties window, choose the Outlook Address Book tab. 
  • Select the checkbox adjacent to Show this folder as an email Address Book and click OK.
Hope you were able to remove your existing Address Book and add a new Address Book to your Outlook application. You can now add a fresh list of contacts to your Address Book and start using them for your email purposes.

How To Repair Corrupted Outlook PST File

Microsoft Outlook stores all your email information in PST (Personal Storage Table) file format. Microsoft Outlook uses this file format to store all Outlook data including emails, calendar, contacts, notes, journals and any other information.

The convenience of saving data in this format is that, it allows the easy transfer of data files between different computers and facilitates easy backing up of your emails. However, you may end up having some problems if these PST files get corrupted or damaged. That is why Microsoft has included an Outlook repair tool called “Outlook Inbox Repair” tool or “Scanpst.exe” tool, intended to fix damaged .PST files

Repairing corrupted .PST files in Outlook 2007

  • Before you start the repair process, be sure your Outlook 2007 is not open.
  • Go to Start menu and click on Computer.
  • Locate the “C:” drive and double-click to open it.
  • Double-click Program files to open the folder.
  • Inside Program files, you can find the folder for Microsoft Office. Open this folder and double-click Office 2012.
  • Locate the file named Scanpst.exe and double-click to launch the repair tool.
  • When the repair tool window opens, click on Browse and select the corrupted PST file.
  • Once you have selected the PST file to repair, click Start. This will start the repair process.
  • This tool will find the errors and list them. Click Repair button to fix those errors.
  • After the repair process is complete, exit the repair tool.
  • Now re-launch the Microsoft Outlook 2007 program. Some might have multiple Outlook profiles. Be sure to select the profile with the damaged PST file.
  • From the menu bar at the top of the screen, click Go and then click Folder List.
  • Under the Folder List menu, you can find Recovered Personal Folders. Click it to expand to find the Lost and Found folder.
  • From the Lost and Found folder, select the entire contents and drag it to the correct location in the folder list. After you have restored all the lost files, you may delete the Recovered Personal Folders folder.
Now that you have fixed problems with the corrupted PST file, you should be able to send and receive emails without any problem. There are various Outlook repair steps for different problems. Many common Outlook issues can be solved if you follow these simple troubleshooting steps.

You may find many useful tips and tricks in the Outlook Help menu that can make your Outlook experience more enjoyable.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Different Features Of Outlook Repair Toolbox

Many of us use Microsoft Outlook as our primary email client to manage our different email accounts. Outlook manages our email accounts with ease and is convenient to use, considering the fact that it manages various email accounts under a single platform.
However, you may encounter problems while using Microsoft Outlook. You might then need to perform necessary troubleshooting steps in order to fix these problems. That is why Microsoft has included some Outlook repair tools, using which you can easily fix your Outlook problems.
Below mentioned are some Outlook Help descriptions on using Outlook Repair Toolbox and its various features.

Outlook Repair Toolbox features

  • While using Outlook, you might have problems with .PST and .OST Microsoft Outlook files. Outlook Repair Toolbox can be used to repair damaged or corrupted .PST and .OST Outlook files. Outlook Repair Toolbox will repair .PST files in Unicode format for files created under Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007 and 2010.
  • Using Outlook Repair Toolbox, you can read .OST files created by all versions of MS Outlook. This Toolbox is feature packed and delivers full control to the users to perform a wide range of troubleshooting steps. It allows users to read corrupted .OST files, convert .OST files to .PST format, save restored data as a separate .MSG file or as a .EML file. 
  • Outlook Repair Toolbox also lets you repair various email formats like plain text, RTF, and HTML as well as repair email file attachments and object attachments. 
  • In addition to these, Outlook Repair Toolbox can be used to fix problems with Outlook contacts due to corrupted .PST files, repair notes, alerts and calendars from corrupted .PST files.
  • Outlook Repair Toolbox can also be used to repair and preserve folder structure and types.  It also supports selective saving of restored folders and objects. In addition, it provides full support for drag and drop operations.
  • You can also save data to multiple .PST files without exceeding a specified volume. In addition, you can also repair password-protected .PST files. Furthermore, you will be able to process encrypted or unencrypted .OST and .PST files.

Exceptionally simple to use, the Outlook Repair Toolbox guides you through the entire process with a simple set of on-screen wizards - it is as simple as counting 1-2-3 to recover your email data and ancillary features, such as calendars, notes and attached objects.
To know more about this topic, go through the Outlook Help menu and gain access to useful tips.

How To Fix Windows Rundll Error

You might have seen plenty of .dll (Dynamic Link Library) files in every application folder on your Windows computer. These are used to store common pieces of application logic that can be accessed from multiple applications.

Windows uses the rundll32.exe application to launch functionality stored in shared .dll files. This executable is a valid part of Windows and any damage to this executable can cause problems to your computer. Usually the rundll32.exe error in Windows occurs when the computer is infected with a malware or a virus.

Sometimes, removing the infection can fix the issue or you may perform Windows repair to troubleshoot the problem. The following Microsoft Support guidelines will help you fix the rundll32.exe error on your system.


  • You need to start Windows in Safe Mode. To get into Safe Mode, restart your computer and press the F8 key repeatedly until you get the Advanced Boot Options screen. Now select Windows Safe Mode With No Networking using the arrow keys on your keyboard. Then press the Enter key.
  • Once your system loads in Safe Mode, perform a full system scan using your antivirus and antispyware program that you have installed on your computer. This will detect any or all virus and spyware infections on your computer. 
  • Follow the onscreen instructions as provided by the antivirus program and delete the virus infections found by the software. Once the infections are removed, restart your computer. If this fixes the issue, you need not proceed to the next step. 
  • If you still get a rundll32 error message, it probably means that your Windows rundll32.exe file is corrupt. If that is the case, then you must perform a Windows Repair Installation.
  • In order to repair Windows, insert the Windows Installation CD into the computer CD drive. Now restart your computer and press any key when prompted to boot from CD.
  • You will get the Welcome to Setup screen on the Windows Installation wizard. You need to press the Enter key to select Setup Windows XP.
  • From the list of options, select the Windows Installation that you want to repair. To perform the repair, press the R key. You will be required to press the F8 key to accept the Microsoft licensing agreement.
  • Windows will now try to repair the errors and reinstall missing and corrupted files, including the corrupt rundll32.exe file. When you perform Windows repair, your data and other files remain intact. So there is no risk of losing your data. 
  • After the repair is completed, restart your computer. 

You should now have fixed the rundll32 error. If this doesn’t fix the problem, contact Microsoft Support Center and get advanced support.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Resetting The Task Scheduler In Microsoft Windows 7 OS

Are you in search of Microsoft Windows 7 OS Help topics for troubleshooting Microsoft Office 2013? You would have depended on resources available online such as FAQ sections, blogs and forums for technical support to solve this problem; if you are not satisfied with those steps, try this one. The requirements and specifications of your Windows 7 system have to be met adequately to approve the installation process. You might need to reset the task scheduler to complete Office installation successfully.

Let’s see what could be done about the installation of Office being blocked by other tasks set on your computer.

Guidelines from Windows help team to install Office 2013

For Windows 7 Operating system:
  • You have to start with the scheduler service first. This article would help you do this with the procedure detailed here.
  • Go to Start >> All Programs >> Accessories, you would get a Command prompt option, which you have to right click and select Run as administrator.
  • You would be displayed a command prompt in which you need to type the command as net start schedule and hit Enter key.
  • Now, continue to install Microsoft Office again and in case the installation process fails now as well, proceed to next step.
  • Click the Start button located towards the left hand side of the task bar and in the search box available, type in the text as Task Scheduler. Hit Enter to start searching.
  • Go to Task Scheduler Library >> Microsoft >> Office and click on the Office option listed now.
  • You would get a set of windows open now, in which the top-middle one would have a Name column in it with Office listed in it.
  • You have to now right click each of the Office tasks listed and click on the Delete option.
The steps would be similar in case of Windows 8 operating system as well, with the differences in terms and names for various options in the procedure.

When you are done with the steps as listed above, restart your system and try installing Microsoft Office 2013 again. This Windows help would surely work to steer you out of the worries regarding installation of Office on your system. Hope these instructions were useful to you and for further information on installation errors, contact the online technical support available 24 hours a day. 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Tutorial To Stop Pop Up Messages In A Vista Computer

If you have problems with your Windows Vista computer showing pop up messages all the time, then there is an easy way to fix it. Most of the time, users complain about these pop up messages interrupting their work. Well, here in this post, I have come up with some simple instructions as suggested by our Windows Vista help team that will help you solve this problem. Let us see how.

Help Instructions

  • Firstly, go to the Windows Start menu that is located on the left side bottom corner of your computer screen. This will open up a list of options on your computer screen from which you need to click on the icon that is named as Control Panel. Doing so will open up the Control Panel window.
  • Next up, you need to double-click on the icon that is named as User Accounts in order to launch another window that is labeled as Make changes to your user account. After that, you need to click on the option that reads Turn user account control on or off. This will open up another window.
  • Once you do that, you need to hit the OK button in the new window and wait for the prompt that will request for your computer to restart. Hit the OK button again in order to reboot your PC. This will stop your computer system from launching pop-ups while you are working on your PC.
  • Following which you need to go to your Internet browser to input the command to stop pop-up ads. In the browser window, you need to click on the menu that is named as Tools if you are using Internet Explorer web browser. After that, click on the Pop-up Blocker button.
  • Then, you need to press the button that reads Turn on pop-up blocker in order to activate the pop-up blocker of your browser.
  • After that, you need to go back to the Tools menu again and click on the Pop-up Blocker button. Select the Pop-up Blocker Settings option and then click on the Medium pop-up blocker setting in order to start blocking pop-ups on your browser without preventing websites from uploading or displaying.
  • You can change the sound settings on your browser on the same window if you want it to play a sound whenever it blocks a pop-up.
  • Finally, hit the OK button to make your Internet browser save and apply all the changes that you made to your computer system.

Now, that was some information about stopping pop up messages in your Vista computer. For further information on this, please do get in touch with our Windows Vista help team.

Monday, July 29, 2013

How To Reformat The Hard Disk Using Windows XP Installation CD

If you have problems using your Windows XP machine, which is having frequent system restarts, understand that either your Windows XP operating system is corrupted, or your system is infected with viruses. Having a corrupted OS can cause real headaches as your system won’t let you perform your usual tasks on your computer. Your system may often freeze on you or restart without any reason. If you have tried several troubleshooting steps to fix this problem and are exhausted, the final option would be to reformat the computer hard disk drive and reinstall Windows XP once again. But you need to be aware that doing this will erase all your data on the hard disk where you are performing the format.

Reformatting the hard disk and reinstalling the OS will definitely improve the system performance and speed. The format function of Windows XP can be used to format the hard drive at the time of OS installation, or to format USB flash drive or memory cards if they are already installed on your computer. Below mentioned are the Windows XP help guidelines which will help you to format the hard drive using Windows XP CD.

How to format using Windows XP CD

  • Switch on your computer and insert the Windows XP installation CD into the computer’s CD drive. The system will now try to boot from CD. You will be prompted to press the Enter key to boot from CD. Press the Enter key.
  • When you get the "Welcome to Setup" screen, you need to press the Enter key again. To accept the licensing agreement, press the F8 key.
  • Windows XP installation wizard will now appear on your computer screen. Follow the onscreen instructions to proceed through the wizard. 
  • The wizard will clearly tell you what to do next. Since your hard disk is already partitioned and formatted, you need to delete the existing partition and do a fresh format to install the Windows XP OS. 
  • Delete the partition by pressing “D” , and then press “C” to create the partition. Now that you have successfully partitioned your hard disk drive, you need to format it. Select the option "Format the partition using the NTFS file system" which will format your hard disk in NTFS format. 

Avail Windows XP help from Microsoft Support Center and know more about using the XP installation CD to format different devices. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tutorial To Resolve Outlook Errors In Blackberry Curve

Syncing Blackberry Curve with Microsoft Outlook calendar and contacts is an easy task that can be done with the help of Blackberry Desktop Manager. If done properly, this process helps data to be in perfect agreement both on your mobile device and desktop. But in some cases, the syncing operation will not go as smoothly as planned. On each attempt of syncing Outlook and Blackberry Curve, you might get unexpected errors that may prevent completion of the process. Since one of the frequent reasons for such syncing problems can be corruption of Outlook PST, you will be required to take the help of PST file recovery tools.
If you are in the process of syncing Blackberry Curve and Outlook and the process fails, you will have to look for steps that will help in resolving this problem. In most cases, the process will run fine while reading the device entries, but when it comes to a few specific entries of Outlook PST file, it pops up error messages like invalid XML error in Outlook, Outlook errors with contacts etc. one such common error is explained below:

The operation terminated unexpectedly

Also, Sync window closes after you receive this error message on the screen of your computer.

Causes of this error

There can be several causes for the occurrence of errors, but there are some common factors that can cause this error.
Most of the sync issues occur because of incorrect sync configuration. Thus, you can try to resolve this problem by resetting the sync configuration. Sync process can fail due to some issues with Intellisync folder. To solve it, you should delete or rename the folder.
Some corrupt items in Outlook PST file are often found to create problems while syncing. You need to locate these items and, if found delete them. Desktop Manager might be outdated or corrupted. You can solve this specific problem by installing/reinstalling the latest Desktop Manager version.
Microsoft Outlook might be corrupted. This can be fixed by reinstalling the application. Microsoft Outlook data file, which is PST file, might be corrupted. For Outlook Recovery, you need to run Inbox Repair Tool, called 'Scanpst.exe'. If this tool cannot repair corrupted PST, the last resort is to use a third-party pst file recovery software.
This is some information on dealing with Outlook syncing problems in a Blackberry Curve smartphone. The invalid XML errors associated with the syncing problems can be resolved by the instructions given above.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Support With Installing Photoshop In Vista

Adobe Photoshop, which is considered as one of the finest photo editing tools comes custom made for the operating system versions Windows Vista and other versions of Windows or Mac operating systems. Installing Adobe Creative Suite software package on your device is quite easy. Follow the steps below to install Adobe Photoshop on your Vista powered PC.

Windows Vista help instructions
  • Close all the programs. Make sure that you have closed all the programs before installing Photoshop. Running other third-party programs during the installation can get the installation set up go wrong.
  • You may download the set up files online and then install or you may go for installing the same from an installation DVD. Insert the installation disk if you have a copy of the same and wait for the auto-run installation wizard to launch. Navigate to the Adobe Photoshop online website. Download a version that is compatible with your system. The download function will take some time to complete. Open the Downloads folder or the location in which you have saved the file. From the folder, open the downloaded file and double click the Set-up.exe file.
  • When prompted enter the serial number provided by Adobe via email or on the DVD insert. If you do not have the registration serial key, you may select the software for 30days trial.  The serial number page is the first page that appears when the installation wizard begins. Hit Next to continue.
  • Use the side scroll bar or the mouse scroll wheel to scroll down the license agreement. Read the agreement carefully and hit the Accept button.
  • Select the mode of install. You may either go for Easy Install or Custom Install and select the default Photoshop components you want to install.
  • Hit the Install option and initialize the installation process. Watch out for the error messages that can likely pop up during installation.
  • Fill out the registration page after the installation wizard finishes the process. You may also leave the page blank if you want. Hit the Finish button to save the changes made and to exit the set up wizard. 
Follow the above tips to install Adobe Photoshop, photo-editing software on Windows Vista. Contact our Windows Vista help centre for more assistance and support. You may also reach us online or via our toll free 24/7 helpline number. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Outlook Recovery Steps To Fix Outlook Error 0x800ccc0f

The recovery tool in Outlook allows the user to recover or fix the corrupt PST file folders. Corrupt files can produce errors like invalid XML error, errors with Outlook contacts etc. Read on to know more about these errors and the ways to fix them.

Outlook error 0x800ccc0f

Your system will display the above error message when you send or receive messages through corrupted Microsoft Outlook email client application. The error will not allow you to send or receive any email message. This can be frustrating and can really make you feel maddening.
What makes your system display Invalid XML Error Message
Many factors can lead to the above issue. Mostly this issue happens when the email server attempts to connect to Outlook and suddenly loses connection. Some of the issues mentioned below can make your system display the error message 0x800ccc0f.
Improper SMTP connection settings and server settings.
Email size goes beyond SMTP connection size limits.
Incorrect Account settings
Damaged email files
Corrupted PST files can also lead to the above issue.
Due to an active antivirus program that scans through every email being sent and received.

Aftereffects of file Corruption

Corrupted email files can prevent your system from sending and receiving emails. A corrupted email file box can prevent you from accessing the email messages. It can even make you off accessing the email forever. Conditions can get even worse, if you don’t have the back up of those emails. Launch the Outlook repair PST files folder to fix the damaged PST files and to resolve the 0x800ccc0f error. The repair tool will fix all the issues and problems related to the same and will resume all the actions that were kept pending or suspended due to the error.

Outlook Recovery Utility

You may launch either the default Microsoft Outlook Repair tool or the third party PST Recovery tools like the SysTools Outlook Recovery software. SysTools Outlook Recovery software tool is rated one of the best and efficient Outlook file repair tools. This application is helpful in recovering Outlook folders. Once you are done with the repairing and fixing, you are free to send and receive emails and files with ease and without trouble. The software like the SysTools Outlook Recovery software can recover even the password protected emails.
Follow the above steps to fix the issues of invalid XML errors. You may also seek support from our online tech blogs and forums.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Guidelines to Update Security Token in Windows Group

If you are a new user to a group in Windows, you will not be able to access application and network resources, associated with that particular group immediately. This is because the security token of that group has not been updated for you. Well, here in this post, I have come up with some simple instructions that will help you resolve this issue within a matter of few minutes.

Instructions from Microsoft Support Team

Start the process by logging into the domain controller that the user has logged onto using the incorrect security token.
Now, you need to go to the Windows “Start” menu located on the left side bottom corner of your computer screen and then click on the icon that is labeled as “Run.”
Next up, in the search field of the Run utility, you need to type in the text “cmd” and then hit the “OK” button.
After that, you need to open the Microsoft LDP Support Tool and enter the text “ldp” when prompted and hit the “Enter” key on your keyboard.
Then, in the LDP application window, you need to click on the “Connections” and then select the “Connect” button. This will open up the “Servers” box.
You need to mention the server that needs modification. Enter the domain name that holds the group membership cache and click the “OK” button.
Choose the “Bind” option from the connection menu in the LDP application window. This will open up the “User” box.
Type in the administrator account and password in the space provided. Then, enter the text “Administrator” in the “User” box and click on the “OK” button.
Once you do that, you need to open the “Browse” menu in the LDP application window and then select the “Modify” option. This will open up the “Attribute” window.
In the Attribute window, you need to enter the text “updatecachedmemberships” and type “1” into the “Value” box.
Following which you need to select the check box next to “Extended” in the LDP application window and press the “Run” button. An updated security token will be provided to all the group members. As such, they do not have to reboot the domain controller or user’s system.
Follow these instructions if you want to update the Windows security token without a reboot. For further assistance on this, please get in touch with the Microsoft support team. Adios!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Tweaking Outlook Crash Repair Tool Settings

Microsoft Outlook is one of the best email client applications in the market. There are wide ranges of useful features in it such as calendar, task manager etc. But the most preferred features are its email management capability and offline data storage facility. On the other hand, there are certain errors in Outlook which may lead to the crashing or freezing of the application. In most cases, these errors can be solved within a matter of minutes. That being said, there are certain category of errors that demand extensive troubleshooting procedures. Outlook troubleshooting might seem impossible in such cases, but the good news is, Microsoft tech support and help experts have everything under control. Let’s see how the crash repair tool can be of assistance.

Outlook repair tool features

As mentioned earlier, there are numerous tools in Outlook that promote the troubleshooting process, both ordinary and efficient. Let’s observe the difference between the two for better understanding. An ordinary tool might seem a little hesitant in performing the advanced troubleshooting procedures because it is programmed to perform only limited functions. An efficient tool scans each and every process of the application and recommends most appropriate fixes. Let’s see the basic functions of an advanced repair tool in Outlook.

  • The most common error in Outlook is the .pst file corruption. Using this tool, you can retrieve all the corrupted PST files from your computer including the notes, tasks, contacts, calendar entries, emails etc.
  • You can recover the PST files along with some useful information about the source and the reason for the error. The details include the sender information, receive information, CC and BCC. It also provides additional details such as subject, date, time and attachments. 
  • There are various advanced functions to perform crash recovery. For instance, it is really difficult to recover a file that is password protected. Under normal circumstances, it is considered to be lost forever. But with the help of this tool, you can recover those files as well.
  • In the case of file corruption, it is difficult to retrieve either the header or data from the PST parts. With the help of an advanced tool, you can retrieve both the parts of the file.

These are some of the basic features of an Outlook repair tool. For further assistance, please contact the customer support number provided in this website.