Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Redmond Giant Bypasses Carriers To Distribute Windows Phone Updates Early

Microsoft has just announced the Windows Phone 8 Update 3, but they are planning to start delivering it to developers later. After over a year spent in making, Microsoft is launching its Windows Phone Preview for developers. This program will give access to registered developers with early access to the Windows Phone 8 updates. This will be done bypassing the complex and lengthy carrier testing process. Microsoft Corporation is specifically targeting on the developers with this program. But, for just 19 dollars a year, any of the Windows Phone 8 users will be able to sign up and then get early access to the updates. Even the registered Windows Phone App Studio developers will get the early access.

Those Windows Phone 8 users who are registered developers or those who have a developer-unlocked device will be able to download the Windows Phone Preview for Developers apps and this will provide early access to the updates. There are no particular restrictions on the type of phone, except that the Windows Phone 8 handsets should have General Distribution Release 2 installed in it, in order to upgrade to Windows Phone 8 Update 3. After installing the special app, the phone will update via the normal update process. This is the quickest method to get access to the updates and is very similar to how Apple provides access to the iOS developers. But, Microsoft warns that doing this may void any warranty with the device manufacturer or mobile operator.

If any of the Windows phone users wish to install the pre-release Microsoft Windows update, then that may need to wait until the update is released to the general public and be in a released state as there is no way to revert to an older version of Windows Phone 8. The pre-release update will be containing the Microsoft’s portion of the update, and the software manufacturer is not releasing any firmware or driver changes along with the operating system update.

Microsoft has not yet detailed how they plan to handle the future updates via the Windows Phone Preview program, but it is very possible that the company will take an Apple approach and place the developers under NDA to provide early access to the upcoming Microsoft Windows update for Windows phones. The latest announcement is focused on allowing the developers to test apps on the real devices ahead of the operating system update release. If you need to know more on the Windows Phone updates, you may contact our tech support team.

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