Monday, January 13, 2014

The Security Update Patch For Outlook Fails

Microsoft has received many flaks in the past for its critical update failures. Though Microsoft releases patch updates to help its users fix security issues, critics say that some of the recent updates did more harm than good. Well, let’s see what Microsoft has to say about it.

Only a few numbers of people, less than one percent of the entire users who downloaded and installed the update reported the update failure, according to a Microsoft spokesperson from the Outlook help team and that there is no point in blaming the Microsoft developers for the problem.

Well, if it were the first time that Microsoft is facing criticism for the update failure, the statement of the Microsoft spokesperson would have been justifiable.

About the Microsoft Update for Outlook

One of the flawed updates Microsoft released recently included an update for Outlook. Though the first update was part of the security update patch codenamed MS13-068 was perfect, the second patch update, exclusively designed to fix stability issues and bugs in Outlook was flawed and caused lots of problems for the users who installed it. The update patch codenamed KB2817630 caused disappearance of some items from the Folder Pane. Hundreds of users who installed the patch update were startled to see that their Folder pane has now become empty.

Despite their initial hesitation to admit the flaw, Microsoft has come forward to acknowledge the issue and provide a timely fix. A spokesperson from Microsoft was quoted as saying "We have investigated reports of some difficulties with a recent Outlook 2013 update and we have helped resolve the issue by removing a non-security update that was recently shipped via Microsoft Update,"

Microsoft has advised its Outlook users to check the update before installing it as a precautionary step. To avoid further complication, the tech giant has removed the flawed update (KB2817630) and has stated on its official site that an error-free security update patch will be released soon.

Apparently, not installing the flawed update is the only possible solution to avoid any potential problems due to the patch update installation. Well, if you have any bugs or security problems in your Outlook application at the moment, wait patiently for a while until the software giant comes up with a permanent solution for the problem. Perhaps, contacting the Outlook help in the mean time would be of some use.

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