Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Microsoft Offers Support For Surface Pro Tablet Until 2017

Recently, it was announced that Microsoft would be supporting the Surface Pro tablet until July 2017. This means that Microsoft would be supporting the Surface Pro tablet for almost four and a half years more after its launch. Surface RT, which was the previous version, was packed with productivity potential, and was launched in 2012 to limited success. Microsoft has also promised to provide support for Surface RT until 2017.

Microsoft, which claims to provide four years of extensive support for Surface Pro, offers services such as hardware repair. It would be absolutely free for the users during the warranty period, and would have to pay after that period. Microsoft support also includes making available parts and replacement units for the tablet. Another service provided by the software giant during the four-year period is telephone-based support. It has been found that Microsoft always supports consumer-grade software for a maximum period of five years. The business software and operating systems however, do get support over another five-year span, which is known as the extended support, giving a total of ten years.

According to sources, Microsoft would be offering assistance for Windows 8 Pro for a total of 10 years. This means that Microsoft support would be provided for five years as mainstream support and the remaining five years as extended support. The former comprises of non-security bug fixes as well as regular updates on the Surface tablet, while vulnerability patches will be offered in both. This means that the Windows 8 Pro's mainstream support ends Jan 2018, and extended support would be available until Jan, 2023.

Although Microsoft has mentioned clearly the availability of the support for the Surface tablets and the Windows 8 Pro versions, it has not yet said about the availability of support for Windows RT, which is the limited version of Windows used in the Surface RT tablet. It has been observed that Apple also supports its devices for short time frames. iOS 6, which Apple launched last September, is not compatible to run on the 2010 iPad. This simply means that Apple would drop the iPad 2 from support before the middle of this year.

Hence, the latest announcement from Microsoft seems to be pleasing news for most of the Surface tablet users. For more information, check Microsoft’s official website.

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