Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Different Features Of Outlook Repair Toolbox

Many of us use Microsoft Outlook as our primary email client to manage our different email accounts. Outlook manages our email accounts with ease and is convenient to use, considering the fact that it manages various email accounts under a single platform.
However, you may encounter problems while using Microsoft Outlook. You might then need to perform necessary troubleshooting steps in order to fix these problems. That is why Microsoft has included some Outlook repair tools, using which you can easily fix your Outlook problems.
Below mentioned are some Outlook Help descriptions on using Outlook Repair Toolbox and its various features.

Outlook Repair Toolbox features

  • While using Outlook, you might have problems with .PST and .OST Microsoft Outlook files. Outlook Repair Toolbox can be used to repair damaged or corrupted .PST and .OST Outlook files. Outlook Repair Toolbox will repair .PST files in Unicode format for files created under Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007 and 2010.
  • Using Outlook Repair Toolbox, you can read .OST files created by all versions of MS Outlook. This Toolbox is feature packed and delivers full control to the users to perform a wide range of troubleshooting steps. It allows users to read corrupted .OST files, convert .OST files to .PST format, save restored data as a separate .MSG file or as a .EML file. 
  • Outlook Repair Toolbox also lets you repair various email formats like plain text, RTF, and HTML as well as repair email file attachments and object attachments. 
  • In addition to these, Outlook Repair Toolbox can be used to fix problems with Outlook contacts due to corrupted .PST files, repair notes, alerts and calendars from corrupted .PST files.
  • Outlook Repair Toolbox can also be used to repair and preserve folder structure and types.  It also supports selective saving of restored folders and objects. In addition, it provides full support for drag and drop operations.
  • You can also save data to multiple .PST files without exceeding a specified volume. In addition, you can also repair password-protected .PST files. Furthermore, you will be able to process encrypted or unencrypted .OST and .PST files.

Exceptionally simple to use, the Outlook Repair Toolbox guides you through the entire process with a simple set of on-screen wizards - it is as simple as counting 1-2-3 to recover your email data and ancillary features, such as calendars, notes and attached objects.
To know more about this topic, go through the Outlook Help menu and gain access to useful tips.

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