Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Try Fixing Outlook Errors Using The ScanPST Tool

The official Omni Tech Support website is the best source for all your Microsoft Office software problems, particularly the ones regarding MS Outlook. However, a word of caution is required here. It is always safer to visit the website directly, instead of searching for it using a search engine site like Google or Yahoo. There is a very good chance that one of these search results is actually a fake OmniTech Support ripoff website.

Fixing the Outlook problems using the in-built tools

One thing that many Outlook users are not aware of is how to use the in-built Outlook support tools designed to fix many of the problems. Partially, Microsoft is to be blamed for this. For example, the ScanPST tool for repairing the Outlook PST errors is hidden in one of the MS Office or Outlook folders in the system. For an average Outlook user, this makes it difficult to access the tool and use it for repairing the PST file error.

Perhaps, Microsoft is trying to discourage the use of such tools for minor errors or problems, which can be easily fixed with a simple system restart. So, you should try this option first. If the Outlook is not responding or one of the files is inaccessible, try restarting the system and see if this fixes the problem. In many cases, some Outlook file might have got corrupted while running the application. When you restart the system, this generated application file will be dumped along with the cache memory.

If it is an Outlook PST error, then running the PST repair tool, ScanPST, is one of the options. As already mentioned, it is not easy to find this tool. So, do not bother. Use the Search option present in your Windows Explorer and search for ‘scanpst.exe’. Now, you just have to click on the apt search result to launch the tool.

When you launch the tool, you will see a wizard with a Filename text field. Click on the Browse button next to it to select the Outlook PST file you want to repair. After selecting it, click on the Start button to start the scan process. The PST repair tool will now detect the errors in the file and repair them. It is best to create a backup copy of the said PST file before you repair the file like this, in case something goes wrong.

For help with any other Outlook problems you are facing, contact our tech support personnel. Just stay away from the OmniTech Support ripoff websites we cautioned you about.

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