Friday, September 12, 2014

Flydubai Adopts Windows 8 App For Passenger Check-In

If you take the statistics of the operating systems being used for public utility services in various places, say airports, ATMs, ticket counters, check-in facilities, hospitals, tourist locations and the likes, you will see that Windows 7 tops the chart. Windows XP dominated the field until a few months ago. Financial institutions started replacing the OS of their ATM machines and PCs at cash counters when Microsoft warned them about the potential security risks, had they not abandoned Windows XP and migrated to any of the supported Windows operating systems.

Of late, there is a growing tendency among multinational firms to adopt Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 8.1. A recent report indicates that Flydubai, a Dubai based airline company, has installed Windows 8.1 app at its terminal to facilitate check-ins of its passengers. For this, the Terminal 2 at Dubai International Airport is equipped with the facility. Reports suggest that the app has amazingly reduced the check-in time, from nearly 5 minutes per passenger earlier to mere two minutes per passenger now.

How does the app work?

The Windows 8.1 check-in app is touch-screen oriented. It works on tablets and can be connected to the back-end service of the airline. It is possible to integrate a printer as well as a passport scanner with the app. Unlike the previous check-in apps, Windows 8.1 check-in app is more sophisticated and allows the staff at the airline to execute the check-ins in a matter of seconds. Obviously, the app has reduced the complicated procedures involved in the check-in process. With the help of the app, it is possible for the airline staff to verify the personal details of each passenger within seconds and allot them the boarding passes, all on the spot itself. There is no delay for any process.

Flydubai expresses gratitude in being able to work with Microsoft

In a recent press release, the senior vice president of Flydubai, Alex Mackenzie, said that he was esteemed by Microsoft’s decision to approve Flydubai’s request to develop a check-in app. The app works pretty well. He said that he was impressed by the Windows 8 features and wondered why there were so many rumours about the reliability of the operating system.

A spokesperson from Microsoft said that the company was looking forward to developing more apps for regional service providers. He said that people have started liking Windows 8 features and are more receptive to the OS nowadays.

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