Sunday, September 28, 2014

About The Windows 8 Build 8047

As Microsoft continues to remain quiet, the users learn more and more about their next operating system through screenshots and leaked information. Last week, the discussion was about Windows Build 8042. This article discusses about the latest build and goes over an interesting idea for downloading Windows 8 and installing it in your PC. The latest internal build of the Windows 8 operating system is 8047.0.110714-1905. This is a Milestone 3 build and it was compiled on 4th of July. We all know that many users these days do not care for a nicely packaged software box that contains CD/DVD. Instead, the users would like to download their software quickly and easily from an app store.

Available from an app store would be the Windows Setup executable file that simply validates the install location, product key and then streams the setup files directly from a web service. It should also allow the users to save the downloaded files for offline installation, or making their own installation media. When the users think about it, being able to download and install the Windows 8 operating system from the Internet is the most logical idea. This allows for more control from the user and a cheaper and easier distribution method. In addition, the consumer license would not be tied to a volatile and error prone DVD media. Instead, the users can just fire up the installer to get the latest and most up to date bits.

The desktop computer is over thirty years old and this seems like a basic function for the era of online OSs. Microsoft engineers should understand that Linux already does this. Even OS X Lion’s update is web based. It is high time that Windows entered the modern era and gets a web-based installer as an option for those users who need it. It makes good sense. We already know that the Windows 8 operating system will feature a new user interface for the tablets. As various branches with different feature sets are being worked on, the updated code will eventually be merged into a single winmain build.

If you wish to know more on downloading Windows 8 and installing it in your PC, you can contact the Windows help and support team. They will be able to help you know more on the steps to do this. You can also refer to the Windows 8 help modules that are posted in the official Microsoft website to know more on these steps.

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