Monday, August 4, 2014

Get Rid Of Unwanted Add-Ins To Improve Outlook Speed

Microsoft Outlook comes with many options and features. Being the most popular email application included in Microsoft Office Suite, Outlook offer facilities that do more than just emailing. You can enjoy handling your contacts, calendars, notes, tasks, schedules and organize them in an ideal way. Microsoft Outlook is the emailing application most preferred by business corporates.

As you have noticed, software applications turn slow after a while due to various reasons and Outlook too encounters such situations at times. Since Outlook handles voluminous data, they can obviously encounter such problems. Since slower emailing platform can interfere with your daily activities, it is essential to troubleshoot them at the earliest.

Various reasons contribute to these Outlook problems and unwanted add-ins is just one among them. Disabling or removing them at the earliest will possibly fix your Outlook problems. Disabling Outlook Add-ins is quite simple and can be easily handled even by a novice by following just a few easy steps. Get in touch with a tech support personnel, if you find it hard to fix this problem. Follow these steps given below.

Disabling the Outlook Add-ins that slows down its performance
  • Open Microsoft Outlook. Now go to Tools and select Trust Center.
  • You will find Add-ins on the left hand pane. You will find a button on the bottom of the page. This will let you handle your COM Add-ins.
  • Now, you need to disable anything that you are not using. You can start by disabling the non-Microsoft add-ins and then restart Outlook.
  • Verify whether your Outlook has regained its speed.
  • You might find it difficult to disable or remove certain add-ins, if you have Windows 7 or Vista. In such situation, you need to close Outlook. Login as the administrator and then try disabling these add-ins again.
  • If you have pinned the add-in to your taskbar on your Windows 7 system, you need to first close Microsoft Outlook. Now, press Ctrl and Shift along with taskbar icon. This will help you to remove these Outlook Add-ins successfully.
These steps can definitely help you to enhance Outlook’s performance. These above steps are simple enough and with this, you could fix Outlook within a couple of minutes. Get in touch with Outlook support team, only if you encounter problems while following the above steps. Hope you found this article useful.

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