Thursday, July 31, 2014

Update Deadline For Windows 8.1 Moved By A Month

Windows 8.1 has a collection of fine tuned features that gives users a more familiar and convenient experience through touch, as well as keyboard and mouse input methods. Microsoft is on constant efforts to provide improved features for business customers, developers, and device makers to produce low cost devices.

Microsoft wanted Windows 8.1 users to install all the updates by May 13. However, Microsoft changed the plan and extended the Windows update deadline to June 10, by which all those who have not installed the updates will have ample time for the task. You can connect with a technician over the Windows support number to learn how to install Windows 8.1 updates.

Majority of the users have already installed the updates, but Microsoft has found a few who have not installed them yet. Microsoft wants to make sure about the safety of Windows 8.1 users and that is the reason for extending the deadline to install the updates. However, users will not receive updates in future if they fail to update Windows 8.1 by the deadline. Experts assume that this decision is to oblige users to install the latest updates, as failing to do the same will result in security and compatibility issues in future.

There are updates for business users as well. They have been given a grace period until August 12 to install the updates for Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2. As there were repeated requests from some users that Microsoft was not giving them enough time to install the updates, the deadline has been extended. This extension is for people who use Windows Server Updates to install updates on their computer.

When people enable the automatic updates on Windows 8.1 operating system, they will not have any problem with the update. Nevertheless, those users who have not turned the feature on will have to make sure that they install all the Windows 8.1 updates.

After installing the updates, restart the computer and allow the changes take effect. If you do not reboot though, the updates will run parallel in the background without interrupting your work, but you can encounter an error later. In such cases, call up the Windows support number to get the issue resolved.

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