Friday, July 18, 2014

About Recovering/Resetting Lost Windows Admin Password

Keeping your Windows PC password protected is a wise decision. It helps you ensure unauthorized intrusion into your PC and the personal files in it. Moreover, you can ensure that no one makes any unnecessary changes to your PC settings. Nonetheless, if you lose your administrative password, it can be quite unfortunate. You won’t be able to access your computer or any files in it. If it is the only computer you have, things could be worse because you can’t even contact the online Windows support centre for a solution.

Thankfully, there are multiple solutions to help you recover the lost admin password of your Windows PC. One of the solutions is to login into your PC with No Password Administrator Login.

No Password Administrator Login

No Password Administrator Login option is a consolation for those who have forgotten their admin password in Windows XP. For this, go to the default administrator account and select Sign in without password option. However, if you have changed the original password, you wouldn’t be able to login without entering the new password.

Resetting the admin password

If the above method didn’t bring any result, do not worry. There are still alternative options to recover your password. One of such options is resetting the Admin password. Follow the below steps carefully.


If you don’t know your password, type any password. Windows will analyse the wrong password you type and get back to you with the message stating that Your username or password is incorrect. You will be prompted with an option to reset the password. Select OK and choose the link that says Reset password. Follow the on-screen directions carefully to reset the password.

Method 3

If either of the above two options didn’t work, here is yet another method. In this method, you will need to log in to the admin account that you tried to use for resetting the password. Unlike user accounts, the admin account is short of features. It does not allow you to access encrypted files or emails messages. After logging into the admin account, navigate to the section titled Users and Groups and double-click the icon titled Local Users and Groups followed by Users. Choose the account which you wish to reset the password for and right-click on it. Select Set Password from the dropdown screen and follow the on-screen prompts.

Following the above instructions, you would have recovered your lost Windows admin password. For any further help, feel free to contact our Windows support number.

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