Thursday, June 12, 2014

Fixing Microsoft Word Issues

While using Microsoft Word application to compose and edit documents, the application sometimes slows down. Many people have this problem. And sometimes it’s a problem with the start-up. If you have enabled the Safe Mode, certain add-ins may get blocked and result in start-up problems. Enabling Safe Mode while running is not advised, because this would affect some of the basic functionalities of the application.

But then, you’ll see on the Microsoft help forum that Safe Mode can also be used as an effective troubleshooting tool, in cases where the splash screen of Word lingers for a bit too long. First, you can hold down the Ctrl key while opening the Word application from the Start menu, in cases where it doesn’t load up because safe mode is turned on. Here, you can restart Word normally, and then try deactivating each add-in. Apart from running in safe mode, there are a few tricks mentioned in the Microsoft help forum to fix these issues.

Registry fixes
  • This is a master settings file maintained by the Windows operating system, and it helps in fixing issues related to the slowing down of applications on the computer. You can easily delete the Word Data and the Word Options registry keys, to troubleshoot and fix the problem.
  • In both cases, you can use the Windows Regedit and perform the task yourself. You can try downloading the specific tool from the Microsoft website. This issue can also be fixed by renaming the global template file and for this as well, you can download the tool from Microsoft’s site.
Opening files
  • Sometimes, these issues occur when the application comprises of a certain set of files, which contain too much content i.e. large images or clip-art files the program finds difficult to handle.
  • According to the Windows tech support team, you can fix such issues by reducing the amount of content in a document, or by removing unnecessary multimedia. You can also split these files into smaller ones, helping Word to launch more easily.
More Options
  • Adding to these, there are also more troubleshooting options available in Microsoft’s official website. There is a Word Help and How-To Center, where users can search for the answers related to their queries.
By following these methods, you can fix the issues in Microsoft Word. For more information regarding the features in this application, feel free to contact our Windows technical support team.

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