Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Using Outlook And Outlook.Com Simultaneously

You would probably be familiar with the Outlook application. If not, it’s an email client included in Microsoft Office Suite. This useful application lets you send and receive email messages, helps us to organize our emails, manage contacts, calendars, tasks, schedules, notes and what not. If you have an account on Outlook.com, you could easily view your email messages and manage your contacts, without having to run the desktop client on your PC.

Microsoft Outlook is an email service, and can be used with Microsoft Office 365, Outlook.com or even Gmail. That said, you would probably prefer using your Outlook client application when you are in front of your computer. But sometimes you may encounter internet connectivity issues that get in the way of doing this smoothly.

You could use Outlook.com to solve this problem – it permits you to open email messages you have received, even when you are not connected to the internet. It permits you to access multiple accounts as well. Other than letting you handle emails, you could the view calendar, contacts and everything else from Outlook email. Outlook.com can be used to work along with other Microsoft Office apps too, and you could even try sending emails to your OneNote notebook.

The immense usefulness of Outlook.com does not render the desktop client obsolete however. There are many people who use both. The client is the only option when you need to store the messages on the PC, and besides the Microsoft Outlook price isn’t all that high. When you have connectivity problems, that’s when you turn to the website.

Let us check the different steps involved for adding the Outlook.com account to Outlook 2013.
  • You can select File and then choose Add Account.
  • After account is added, to view the calendar in Outlook.com, you can select Calendar, and select the box that you find next to Outlook.com email address.
  • You can choose more than one box and view multiple calendars. It is even possible to view two calendars by combining them into a single view. For that you could select the boxes next to both calendars, and select the View in Overlay Mode arrow, next to the second calendar’s name.
  • You can view the contacts by selecting People and select the checkbox that you find next to Outlook.com email address.
Hope you will follow the above steps and you need not bother about Microsoft Outlook price to combine Outlook and Outlook.com.

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