Monday, May 26, 2014

Microsoft Combines Skype With Outlook

Finally, Microsoft has planned to merge two of its most popular services together – Skype and Outlook. According to sources, Skype will now be available to all the Outlook users in the U.S., U.K., Germany, France, Canada and Brazil. This would definitely be pleasing news for all Outlook users.

Outlook is indeed one of the most widely preferred email services around the world due to the various advanced and user-friendly features it comprises of. Similarly, Skype is also one of the most widely used messenger services that have a large user base. So as far as Microsoft is concerned, collaboration of these two services will definitely add to the growth of business. Outlook already comprises of options where users can connect to their Facebook and Gmail accounts. This syncing feature as a part of the Microsoft Outlook tools is considered to be helpful in getting useful information about the contacts, as well as contacting them via the messenger. Last November, the software giant had announced about ending its messaging service. This was a clear hint of a plan to combine both Skype and Outlook, especially considering the phenomenal success of the former. Although there wasn’t any news about an official date as to when the service would come together, it can be said that the users were waiting for this since then.

As stated by Dawn Martynuik, group product manager of Outlook in a blog post, "E-mail is an important and personal tool for most people, but there are moments when you want to be able to speak live or chat face-to-face. In a recent Ipsos Public Affairs poll 76 percent of people say that their e-mail conversations frequently or occasionally result in a follow-up phone or video call, or other means of communication. Those moments are perfect for Skype and now, face-to-face connection right from your inbox is just a click away." So it’s quite clear that by including Skype as a part of the Microsoft Outlook tools, Microsoft is focusing on increasing its customer base. Adding to it, sources also reveal that, several interesting inclusions can be expected to arrive in the near future as part of Outlook.

Google also provides such options to its users where they can make voice calls and message people through their Google accounts. Hence, Microsoft seems to have finally come up with a strategy to provide stiff competition to its strongest counterpart.

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