Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Guidelines For Google Toolbar Removal

The Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer have a browser add-on by the name Google toolbar. The toolbar is highly prolific as it enables users to use different Google services while browsing the web. Just by performing a single click on the toolbar you will be able to execute the language translation when you land in a page whose contents are in a language that is unknown to you. Sometimes you may not be very much spellbound or fascinated by the features of the Google toolbar and you may like to work with a different toolbar or have no toolbar at all.

You have to follow the below mentioned guidelines if you want to know how to remove Google toolbar.

Removal from Internet Explorer in Vista
  • For the successful removal of the toolbar first quit from the Internet Explorer, if it is already open.
  • Choose the Windows Start button that is available at the extreme left side of the taskbar. The Start menu will pop up on screen. Choose the Control Panel option from the menu.
  • Access Programs and Features from the Control Panel window. If the option is unavailable, choose the Classic View link that is present on the screen’s left section.
  • Execute a Right Click on Google Toolbar For Internet Explorer and select the Uninstall option. The successful removal of the toolbar will take place.
  • Access the Internet Explorer from its available location.
  • The Google toolbar will not be available anymore.
Removal from Mozilla Firefox in Vista
  • Access Mozilla Firefox.
  • Choose Tools menu from the menu bar when Firefox window appears.
  • Select Add-ons and choose Google Toolbar For Firefox. Select the uninstall option.
  • You may check mark a check box corresponding to the reason for the un-installation of the toolbar if you like. Then choose the Uninstall option.
  • Select the Close button upon completion of the un-installation.
  • Access Mozilla Firefox again and the removal process will be complete.
By following the above-mentioned guidelines, you can easily understand how to remove Google toolbar. There are certain other toolbars that are possible to download but users have to be aware that the functions and features provided by the toolbars may vary.

Users may download and use an effective toolbar remover tool if they do not feel like accessing the web browsers for the removal of Google toolbar.

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