Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Deleting Big Emails From Outlook Outbox

I am a business executive and I use a laptop running on Windows 7 operating system. For the purpose of business communication, I use Microsoft Outlook, since it is the best email program available. One day, I was not able to delete some emails from the Outlook Outbox. I tried to delete the emails in all possible ways but it did not work. However, with some proper instructions from the Microsoft support team online I was able to delete those big emails from the Outbox very easily. Here is how.

Deleting big emails from Outlook Outbox

The Windows OS-based email client that helps a user by collecting emails from different locations to one email client is MS Outlook. The version of Microsoft Outlook 2010 provides you many features and functions like sending, organizing and receiving of emails. Moreover, it also gives you the option to attach any content like images or files along with the email that you are sending. Attaching contents to an email will make an email bigger and you will be not able to delete it or send it in some cases. Given below are some easy instructions that will help you to delete email in Outlook Outbox.

  • Start the process by starting Outlook in the offline mode. To run Outlook in offline, you need to unplug your internet connection cable from the computer or from the system tray, you need to right click the icon for connection and select the option Disable. The Outlook application will stop trying to send messages, if your system is not online. It is because of this reason that you were not able to delete from outbox.
  • Click on the option called Delete by right clicking on the email. You can also delete it by just clicking and highlighting the email that you want to delete and pressing the key labeled Delete in your keyboard.
  • By reinserting the network cable, turn on the internet connection. You can also turn it on – if it is already plugged in - by right clicking on the icon for the connection and selecting the option labeled Enable.
The above instructions are easy to follow and can be completed within a few minutes. If you ever have problems in deleting big email in Outlook outbox, just follow these steps and delete it successfully from the Outlook outbox. If you have more doubts regarding this, contact the Outlook customer care center online.

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