Sunday, March 2, 2014

Microsoft To Provide Developers Early Access To Upcoming Windows OS

Owing to pressure from various sides, the tech giant Microsoft has finally decided to provide developers early access to its operating systems. As of now, developers are given access to Microsoft operating systems only a couple of days prior to their launch. This makes it impossible for developers to launch apps for the new operating systems along with the release or a few days after the release. Many popular apps have not got the Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 versions even now.

Benefits of providing developers early access to the operating system

It is learnt that providing developers early access to the operating systems would allow them design their apps in advance and help them release the apps along with the launch of the new operating system. This would greatly benefit the customers too as they can use their apps in their new operating systems with modern features from the very start.

Another important benefit of the early access is the chance of reworking apps. Developers cannot assure the users that their apps would work without any errors in the new operating system. Some unexpected errors or technical issues with apps are common. If an app faces any technical issue or bugs, they need to be reworked. Unless developers are given early access to the operating system, they can’t test their app in the new operating system and reduce the chances of failures. With early access, they may be able to develop alternative remedies in case an app fails in the new ecosystem.

No latest version of popular apps for Windows 8.1 on the launch day

Microsoft released Windows 8.1 in October 2013. It was only after the release of Windows 8.1 that Microsoft decided to provide developers early access to its new operating systems or updates. So, it is learnt that Windows 8.1 users would have to wait for quite some time until they could find the latest versions of their popular apps. However, developers will receive permission for early access for all upcoming updates and operating systems of Microsoft. As a result, users can expect latest versions of popular apps on the launch day for all upcoming updates and OSs.

How useful would be the early access permission to address Windows 8 problems? Experts believe that many Windows 8 problems occur owing to clashes between incompatible third party apps. By granting early access, Microsoft could avert this situation much to its advantage.

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