Monday, February 3, 2014

Restore Deleted Files In Outlook Express

It is a good practice to delete old and unimportant emails from your Outlook Express application. This helps free up disk space on your system. But what if you were to accidentally delete some important mail? This email may appear lost, but there is a way to retrieve the lost emails in Outlook Express. You can retrieve your lost mails in Outlook Express even if you do not have backup.

Outlook Express stores those files that have MBX and DBX extensions. That means each individual mailbox including the inbox, drafts, and sent items are saved using these extensions. For example there is inbox DBX that stores inbox contents while drafts DBX stores contents of the drafts folder. As these files are saved in their respective folders you can retrieve the deleted mails without having to look through all your Outlook Express data. All your DBX files are stored in the Store folder which is located in your C drive inside the Documents and Settings folder.

There could be many reasons other than accidental deletion that cause your files to get deleted. If you happen to delete files accidentally the first thing you must do is exit from the Outlook Express application. Do not attempt to compact your email folders.

Open the Outlook Express application once you are certain that your deleted emails have been restored. To recover these deleted emails, run the DBX Repair software. This software is handy in locating and restoring the deleted files. To avoid data loss it is a good practice to transfer mails from inbox to different folders. This helps manage the inbox and you can sort through your emails faster, by opening only the respective folders. It is also advised to maintain a backup of the contents of the store folder, on a periodic basis.

If your one tool does not work, there are several different backup and recovery tools that you can use, to retrieve the deleted files. Data Recovery Pro is one such tool that can be used to restore deleted emails. It has a very simple and user-friendly interface, and provides instructions to locate and recover your lost files. In addition, this tool can bring back many different files, and not just your emails. This tool is advantageous as it is capable of restoring files from partitioned and formatted drives.

Check up on Outlook Express help for solutions to your Outlook Express problems. Outlook Express help menu outlines the most basic troubleshooting techniques. It this utility is not sufficient, contact Outlook Express support team or check up on similar forums and blogs.

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