Thursday, February 6, 2014

Removing The Ask Toolbar Successfully From Your Computer

Have you ever had trouble with Ask toolbar on your web browser? If you had, you would know how annoying it is. Your system resources are utilized the most after using this critical browser extension and it even changes the default settings in your web browser. In addition to all these perils, it even displays unnecessary pop ups on the screen and this makes the user worry about a possible virus infection. This appears more or less like a spyware attack. Ask toolbar can be categorized as a malware infection rather than a spyware and in order to get rid of the same, you need to follow two steps, one is manual removal, and the other is using a removal tool.

When you opt for Ask toolbar removal, the manual removal is going to take more time and it even requires you to be technically skilled to accomplish the task. You would have to find every bit of the toolbar application in the system and get all of them deleted manually. Before you get into the manual process, it would be better to try the Ask toolbar removal tool, which would remove everything belonging to Ask toolbar from your computer.

The removal of Ask toolbar would bring back the speed and performance of your computer and hence it is essential to get rid of the same quickly.

Let us see the manual Ask Toolbar removal process.
  • You need to restart your computer and open the same in Safe mode by tapping the F8 key constantly when your computer starts up. 
  • To uninstall the toolbar, click on Start button and click on Control Panel and then select Add or Remove Programs and select Ask Toolbar from the list of programs and click Remove. 
To remove the same from Mozilla Firefox
  • Open Firefox and click Tools and then select Add-ons and select Extensions. 
  • Now select items related to Ask toolbar and delete them and restart Firefox. 
To remove Ask toolbar from Internet Explorer
  • Open Internet Explorer and click Tools and select Manage Add-ons. 
  • Now select Toolbars and Extensions and delete all programs related to this. 
  • Restart the browser. 
To remove Ask toolbar from Google Chrome
  • Open Google Chrome and select the bar icon that you would find on the top right corner. 
  • You can select Settings and click Extensions and select disable/delete Ask toolbar add-ons. 
  • Now restart Chrome. 
These are the steps that you need to perform for removing Ask toolbar from the web browser.

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