Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Microsoft Revamps Windows 8

The Windows 8 OS has been revamped completely and rechristened Windows 8.1. Microsoft has made some drastic changes in the new OS, with a completely new list of features and options. Here are some of the cool features that you can expect on the latest Windows OS.

Return of the Start Button

The Start button has been returned to the Windows interface, which is a relief to a large number of Windows 8 users. The Start button was completely missing from the interface in Windows 8, which annoyed a great number of people. Windows 8.1 does have the Start button, but not the Start menu. Everything is still accessible from the Start screen, in fact the Start button opens into the Start screen. A simple right click provides access to some ordinary features like Control Panel, Task Manager and the ability to power down the system.

Boot to Desktop

The new interface can be intimidating to users who are not adept at using touch sensitive devices. Windows 8 would always boot into the tile-based, Start screen Metro user interface. Windows 8.1 allows users to boot directly into the desktop without hassle.

Start screen options and Lock Screen

Picture passwords were introduced in the Windows 8 OS, however the new operating system allows users to pull multiple images from the system storage or SkyDrive galleries. You can also click pictures using the device’s camera, as well as answer Skype calls without unlocking the system. The Start screen can also be customized thanks to the availability of tiles and background colors.

Xbox Music

Windows 8’s integration with Xbox Music was a very cool addition to Windows 8; however, it was not appreciated as much as expected. The Xbox music integration allows users to stream over 30 million tracks, free of charge. The app did have a confusing interface, but this problem has been fixed in the new Windows 8.1 OS. Xbox Live on Windows 8.1 is more user-friendly, and supports personal playlists.

Snap View

The new Metro user interface had been pretty cool, but using the app could have been a bit annoying to many users. Nevertheless, in Windows 8.1, users get to run many apps in the foreground, using the Snap feature. You can have as many as four apps at once, if you have a 2560X1440 resolution monitor.
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