Sunday, January 5, 2014

How To Reset The Windows Password?

Computers have a presence in almost all walks of our life and from a simple billing work to the most complicated surgical procedures are rendered with the help of computers. Even though they assist us in our tasks, it is essential to ensure that security is maintained. Since computers store many important information, it is essential to prevent the intrusion by hackers.
If you were using the Windows operating system, you would know about the usage of password to logon to your computer. These passwords prevent others from logging into your user account and thus it ensures that your information is protected. Even if you have created a password, it is essential to reset the same occasionally in order to keep the information in your computer safe. There could be malicious key loggers running in your system that would trace your password and hence it would be better if you change it at regular intervals.
Changing the password is not a herculean task and you could do it easily by following these instructions. No matter what version of Windows you have in your system, you could do it either by contacting the Windows help and support or by following these steps.


Reset the password in Windows XP
  • Click on the Start button on your desktop.
  • Now choose Control Panel and click User Accounts the menu that is displayed.
  • From the list, you should select an account.
  • Now select Change Password. This will open up a new menu on the screen.
  • You need to enter the current password and provide a new password two times. After ensuring that you have entered information correctly, select OK button. This will reset your password at once.
Reset password in Windows 7 or Vista
  • You need to click the Ctrl Key, Alt Key and Del Key simultaneously.
  • Now select Change Password.
  • You will now find three fields on the screen, out of which the initial one would be meant for entering the current password, the second one for the new password and the third one to confirm your new password. Provide the information without any error and click on the arrow next to it or the Enter button on the keyboard. This will reset your password at once.
If you have any concerns regarding the same, contact the Windows Help for assistance.

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