Sunday, January 19, 2014

Disabling Java In Internet Explorer Using Microsoft Fix It

Java is used by many people, but some might want to uninstall the same from their computers. Why do people uninstall Java from their computers? May be because they would not have any applications that require the same and storing them in your hard drive would use up more of your disk space. But if you have software programs that depend badly on Java Applications, you will find it difficult to run the same.
All the web browsers that are available today provide a way to get rid of Java and Internet Explorer has tried to do the same recently. If you are trying to disable Java in Internet Explorer, you need to move to the Control Panel and get it disabled and enable it later, whenever you need it. However, is this effective? Not always.
In order to get Java disabled , Microsoft has released Microsoft Fix It and this program is meant to block all the web attack sources that use Java through Internet Explorer. When you evaluate this tool, you will find that, Fix It is composed of two parts and they are as follows.
  • The working of Internet Explorer during runtime is altered by the Windows Application Compatibility Toolkit of Fix It and it will block the loading of Oracle’s Java  Web plug-ins. This will not load the Java ActiveX dlls.
  • The Java Network Loading Protocol handler will have an access control list in the registry, Fix It clears the same, and this will prevent the automatic file opening the Internet Explorer.
You need to take care of a few important things before you make use of Microsoft Fix It.
  • The initial task is to create a restore point. No matter whatever platform you have installed on your computer, it is essential to create a restore point. This will help you to take your hard drive to a previous point later.
  • The next step is to take a backup of your registry. Taking a backup of your registry is essential before installing Fix It.
  • After doing the above process, select the Fix It to function. You need to then restart your web browser to function it properly. This version would work on both the 32 and 64 bit platforms.
To clear any of your queries, contact the Microsoft support team for assistance.

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