Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Why Vista Is Overrated

The New York Times recently published an article stating all the Windows Vista problems. Excerpts from the article say, "The main problem with Vista, Microsoft said, was that given the delays, uncertainty and significant changes in the software, the rest of the industry was not ready when Vista finally arrived."
This is in a manner self-serving, as no organization likes to point out its own flaws. Blaming it on the “rest of industry” is a good escape route for Microsoft.
The truth is that Microsoft released Windows Vista a bit too early. Surely, there must have been high pressure on the company to release the OS. However, in fact a small percentage of the loyal Microsoft base actually cared about the delay. If the Vista was an exceptional OS not many would have cared about when it got released as long as it had high performance, loads of tools and features, fewer or no issues and ease of use.
In the quote above, Microsoft was referring to the lack of hardware drivers. However the entire blame cannot be shifted to the hardware manufacturers. Had Microsoft chosen to collaborate with hardware manufacturers or refrained from releasing the OS, knowing in advance that hardware compatibility would likely create an issue, Vista would have been a successful venture for Microsoft. Even legendary software giant Apple had released the Apple Leopard Mac OS X 10.5 prematurely. In retrospect, Linux still has higher hope. Programmers at Linux did not have pressure from the sales department or marketing department to release the OS. As there is no Linux headquarters itself, the OS would come out exactly when the programmers were thorough, and had created a sustainable, efficient operating system.
The article in New York Times even stated, "By now, Microsoft insists that most of the frustrating technical problems with Vista...have been resolved--and many industry executives and analysts agree." Techies can blabber for hours at end about the pros and cons of the OS, but for the average worker the only things that matter are the tools, applications, and above all that speed and efficiency with which they can get things done.
While large organizations rely heavily on the business suite application of Microsoft, a stable and high performance operating system would definitely boost the sales. From the average Joe to large business organizations, Vista did not offer anything that they hadn’t already gotten from Windows XP. A resurgent interest in Macs may see Linux and Apple as the top guns of the software industry. It is up to Microsoft to remove all Vista problems and offer something much more substantialto the public.

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