Monday, December 30, 2013

Microsoft Getting Ready To Release Outlook 2013 For Windows Tablets

If you are the owner of a Surface tablet or a tablet with Windows RT operating system, you would have been anticipating the release of an email client from Microsoft for these programs. However, your long wait is over. Microsoft has decided to release Outlook 2013 for its surface tablets and Windows RT OS. Tami Reller, who is Microsoft’s CMO and CFO for Windows section, announced this glad news. He was speaking at Computex. All the new Surface RT tablets and tablets that run on Windows RT will now feature Outlook 2013.
When you talk about Microsoft Outlook, the program was an instant hit soon after its release. The program has numerous features and updates that made it one of the best email client programs in the world. We could buy this email client for desktop and laptop computers. However, Microsoft did not include this program in its Surface RT tablets or other Windows based tablets.
In a blog post, Microsoft’s Chris Schneider says, “We’re always listening to our customers and one piece of feedback was that people want the power of Outlook on all their Windows PCs and tablets.” He added, “In fact, a Morgan Stanley research study found that 61 percent of people shopping for tablets consider Microsoft Office to be the single most important software feature.” 
In another announcement, the company made it clear that it also plans to make the email client program part of its Smartphones and PCs. The latest version of Outlook is rich in features. Most of its users have given positive reviews about Microsoft Outlook. The new version is more user-friendly and convenient to use. For example, if you wish to view the calendar events in the program, you need not switch the tabs and in turn can make use of the ‘peeks’ feature in the programs.
The new announcement comes weeks after Microsoft’s decision to give away free keyboard on the purchase of all Windows RT Surface tablets. With new offers in line, the company expects more users to choose Windows RT based tablets over its competitors. Microsoft’s Surface tablets face tough competition from Apple’s iPad and other Android based tablets.
Microsoft Surface tablets and Windows RT based tablets have not been able to pose a big threat to its competitors and lags behind in sales. However, with Microsoft offering one of its favorite programs of all time with the tablets free of cost, we might see a small change in the existing sales scenario.

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