Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Microsoft BSOD Patch Crashes Many Systems

Microsoft issued a statement urging users of the Windows 7 OS to uninstall the patch that had been shipped a week back, which caused a lot of problems to users. Many were victims of a system crash while others were stuck in endless reboots that crippled their work. The patch was issued on Tuesday but reports of problems were reported almost in an hour. Microsoft has promptly removed the update from the Windows Store to prevent further damage to other customers. In addition, the company urged those who are currently not experiencing any issues to remove the update for good.

The update was notorious for generating the Blue Screen of Death error message, which is probably why Microsoft was quick at yanking the update from the Windows Store. Repeated boots will render the system completely useless and Microsoft has been strongly encouraging any user who installed it to remove it as soon as possible.

Jim Bulger of Virtual Administration, an IT support vendor in the Washington D.C. area, posted on the Patchmanagement.org mailing list saying, "The problems we have experienced were on machines with Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8 for Windows." Kaspersky also tied the CHKDSK issue for Windows Vista or Windows 7 PCs as well as Windows Serer 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2 users.

Microsoft failed to say something concrete about the cause of the issue or any measures to fix it. They could only comment emphatically, "We've determined that the update, when paired with certain third-party software, can cause system errors." As there is no solution for these Microsoft problems, many users are in a dilemma about the next course of action.

In Brazil, this issue only cropped up on PCs with the G-Buster plugin. It is one of the widely used browser security programs, which are often used in Brazilian banks. The security update MS13-036 issued to address four different vulnerabilities in Windows kernel mode driver carried the patch that crippled many systems. It was part of Microsoft’s nine-bulletin Patch Tuesday.

Microsoft already has issued instructions to remove the patch to get rid of the Microsoft problems. If any users have received the MS13-036 update, they should avoid rebooting the PC before uninstalling it. This is the not the first case of a Microsoft update crippling PCs. In 2008, a similar patch issued as a Windows Vista Service Pack 1 was responsible for many system crashes and other issues that bogged down hundreds of PCs. Two years later, another such update crashed Windows XP machines.

Microsoft should better come up with a quick solution to avoid facing the wrath of customers and probably release updates that never cause such issues in the first place.

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