Thursday, October 31, 2013

Fixing The LCD Display Of A Computer

The LCD monitor of a laptop should be carefully handled. If not handled properly, it may get damaged. After a certain time, the LCD display of the laptop may face issues; issues like screen flickering, display becoming dim and not working at all. This may occur over the years due to constant use or may happen abruptly while you work on the system. By following the below provided computer repair guidelines, one can troubleshoot the LCD issues easily. 


  • First, you have to identify whether the problem is with the LCD monitor or with the laptop. In order to check this, the laptop has to be connected to an external display like a projector. If the output of the projector is perfect, then the LCD display is the root cause of the display issue and the laptop’s video card and motherboard do not face any issues. 
  • The laptop has to be turned off and disconnected from the power source. The battery of the laptop has to be removed. 
  • The screws of the LCD from the plastic frame have to be removed. The user manual of the laptop has to be verified in order to exactly know the position of the screws and the number of screws. The screws have to be removed carefully and placed together so that it does not get misplaced. 
  • After removing the screws, the bezel has to be loosened. This can be done by pulling the finger that is inserted in between the gap of the screen and the frame towards you. It should be completely detached and any hooks or clips that are connected should be disconnected. 
  • The connections on the either end of the inverter board have to be checked. The inverter that is positioned at the bottom of the screen has to be located and its cables have to be unplugged. The video cable that is taped to the back of the screen from the motherboard has to be unplugged. The cables have to be reattached and the laptop has to be turned on. 

By following these computer repair guidelines, you can easily troubleshoot LCD malfunctioning issues. However, if the problems persist, you will have to take your laptop and visit an authorized service center of the laptop manufacturer to fix the LCD display issue.

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