Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fix The Most Common Windows Live Messenger Error 80072

Windows Live Messenger is the instant chat messaging service included with Microsoft’s Live Essentials package. Live Messenger lets you connect with your dear and near ones at real time with ease.

Other than text messaging, Live Messenger also lets you perform audio and video calls using its easy to use tools and features. However, you may face problems with Windows Live Messenger while using the service. Microsoft has designed this application in such a way that the users will get error codes and messages whenever Live Messenger encounters problems.

One common error code that users get while using Live Messenger is Error 80072EFD. This indicates that the problem is related to the computer’s network connection. More related topics can be found on Microsoft Support page and Microsoft forums. Here are a few Microsoft support guidelines that will help you troubleshoot the Windows Live Messenger Error 80072.

Troubleshooting steps
  • The first step towards troubleshooting the issue is to check your internet connection. In order to check whether you have an active internet connection, try opening Internet Explorer or some other Internet application and see if you are able to connect. If you are unable to establish a connection, it could be indicative of some problem with your internet service provider or your modem. If the problem is with the modem, resetting the modem can fix the issue.  If needed, you may contact your ISP’s technical support line for assistance. 
  • Check for the latest updates for Internet Explorer. To do this, go to the Windows Update website and see if there are any updates available for Internet Explorer. Once all the updates are installed, restart your computer to let the changes take effect. Try to login to Windows Live Messenger again and check to see if the issue has been solved.
  • Check whether Windows Firewall is blocking your Live Messenger application. Go to the Live Messenger Firewall page for information on how to allow Live Messenger through the most common types of Firewall. 
  • Go to the proxy settings and remove any settings to connect directly to the Messenger service. Go to the Tools menu and select Options. Click Connections from the menu and further select Advanced Settings. Locate the SOCKS field and delete any information from there. Click the OK button twice to save the settings. 
You might have to perform a series of troubleshooting steps to fix connection issues related to Windows Live Messenger.  If you are still unable to fix the issue with Live Messenger, more assistance is available on Microsoft Support page.

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