Friday, September 27, 2013

Repairing Your Outlook Application

The MS Outlook application saves all the information in PST file. Over the years this PST file format has undergone many changes in format. Older versions of Outlook saved PST files in the ANSI format, and could only have a maximum of 2 GB worth of information stored in the database. Later versions modified the PST file format to the Unicode format, which permitted the data storage capacity to increase substantially up to 20 GB.
Regular users of Outlook may be familiar with many difficulties with the Outlook application. One of the primary causes of these issues is the PST file exceeding the file storage limit. These files, also referred to as oversized PST files, are more prone to corruption which can cause loss of valuable information. Your PST file may also be destroyed by hardware issues, attacks from viruses, power surges, and improper exit from the application or a malfunctioning hard drive.
Other causes of error also include having insufficient RAM, inadequate space in the hard drive to save swapped files, corrupt installation of the Outlook program, and corruption of your Outlook profile.
Fortunately, all these problems can be fixed easily; just follow the below instructions.
  • If insufficient RAM causes an error message you should try to make more RAM available for the application to run smoothly. Close all programs and restart Windows. Upon restart open only programs that are required, and close any application after use. A good way to stop unnecessary programs is by accessing the task manager and stop execution of ones that have no immediate purpose.
  • If the error emerges due to lack of hard drive swap space, proceed to delete unnecessary items on the screen and obtain more memory space.
  • If your Outlook installation turned out to be corrupt, reinstall MS Outlook by modifying the name of the Outlib.dil file.
  • Create a new Outlook account if the cause of error is a corrupt Outlook profile.
Performing an Outlook repair in crucial moments can protect from data loss and file corruption. There are also Outlook repair tools available which can fix your Outlook issues, but which are slightly time consuming. You can also check up for other tools and software online, which would repair the PST files quickly. Some of the popular PST file repair tools include:
  • Kernel recovery for PST
  • Stellar phoenix Outlook PST repair
  • The built in cleaner Scanpst.exe
Using these tools can definitely help in repairing the files. If you face issues with the use of these repair tools, or any other problems with Outlook, contact the Outlook helpdesk for further instructions and tips.

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