Sunday, September 29, 2013

Know About The Windows 8 PC Settings

Microsoft’s latest Windows version, Windows 8 has definitely created quite an impression among the computer enthusiasts. A sudden outburst of Windows admirers has been witnessed with the launch of Windows 8 OS version. It has brilliantly included some intuitive human interface features that have gained much appreciation. Want to learn more about how to change to Windows 8, visit the Windows 8 transfer site.

Changing the PC settings of Windows 8
Here we are discussing on how to adjust the Windows 8 screen setting function. In order to open the PC settings screen, you may follow these steps:

First you need to open the Charms bar’s Settings pane. You can do this using either of the three ways. 
  • Using Mouse: Move the cursor to the screen’s top or bottom right corner. When you see the Charms bar appear, click on the “Settings” icon.
  • Using Keyboard: Press the short keys  “Windows+I”
  • Using touch screen: Slide your finger on the screen from right edge inward to pop-out the Charms bar and tap on the “Settings” icon.
From the Settings window, choose the option “Change PC Settings”. You will now get the PC Settings screen. Similar to the Control Panel that we are familiar with, the PC Settings screen breaks down into different categories. The categories are mentioned below.
  • Personalize:  Using this tool you can personalize your Start screen and Lock screen picture. Also you can change the thumbnail photo for different user accounts.
  • Users: Using this tool you can change your password and also can give authorization to a different person to use your system.
  • Search: This category is used to prevent an app or its contents from getting indexed.
  • Share: This is specially intended for those who are usually social network users who would like to share things they see on their screen. 
  • Privacy: This category is intended to prevent apps from grabbing your geographic location, name and account picture.
  • Devices: This lists all the connected devices to your computer like the mouse, keyboard, monitor, printer, camera, speakers and any other external peripherals. This allows you to remove or add any devices from or onto your computer.
  • Sync Your Settings: Suppose you have a Microsoft account and you have logged in using that account to your Windows 8 computer, this feature lets you sync the Microsoft account settings so that when you use a different Windows 8 computer, it loads with your Microsoft’s account settings like color, background, and other preferences on that machine.
The Windows 8 transfer site provides you with information to transfer your files to the Windows 8 platform. You can access the site for any further information on the same.

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