Wednesday, September 18, 2013

How To Use The Windows Vista Narrator Program

Like with the previous Windows versions, Windows Vista too comes equipped with the very useful accessibility feature called the Text to Speech program, otherwise called Narrator, that lets users interact with their computers through voice.
This accessibility feature significantly reduces the use of the mouse and keyboard, at the same time maintaining or increasing the overall productivity. This feature is also intended to help users who are sight impaired. The Text to Speech program could read out documents, Emails, Windows menus or whatever texts you have on your computer screen, making your job really easy.
There is a similar feature in Windows Vista called the Speech Recognition program that lets you use voice commands to start or switch between applications or even control the different functions of your Windows operating systems. The below mentioned Windows Vista Help guidelines will help you use the Narrator program easily.

Instructions to use the Text to Speech Recognition program
  • Before you can use the speech recognition program, make sure that your computer speakers are in good condition. Test your computer speakers and their sound. Try playing some audio files like MP3 files and check to see if you are able to hear them properly. After you have confirmed that your computer speakers do work, you may start the Text to Speech program. 
  • To start the Text to Speech program, go to the Start menu and select “All Programs”. Click on “Accessories” from All Programs menu and further select “Ease of Access”. Here you will find the speech recognition program “Narrator”. Click on it to open the program.
  • If you want it to be opened in a minimized window, you could go to the Options menu and change it accordingly. Select the appropriate checkboxes to have Narrator read system notifications and messages for you. 
  • Open the document or the window that you want Narrator to read for you and click on it to make it active. Pressing "CTRL+SHIFT+SPACEBAR" simultaneously will bring up the Narrator program, and the program will start to read the entire window. In order to read the title, simply press the “ALT+HOME” keys. To make Narrator program silent, press the “CTRL” key.
  • Once you have done using Narrator, click the “Exit” button to close the Text to Speech program.
If you have trouble using the Text to Speech Narrator program, you can avail of Windows Vista help from the Microsoft Help and Support Center to resolve your issue.

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