Thursday, September 12, 2013

How To Add Or Remove Address Book In Microsoft Outlook

As we all know, Microsoft Outlook is a very popular desktop email client used by many around the world. Microsoft Outlook’s user-friendly features and tools let you manage your multiple email accounts with so much of ease. It not only manages your email services but also doubles as a contact manager.

Among its various features, Address Book is an important feature that lets Outlook manage all its contact information efficiently. It sorts and organizes all your email addresses with so much ease that you never have to worry about how your emails are being sent and received. However, despite these facts, you may sometimes want to delete your Address Book or create a new one. Mentioned below are instructions on how you can add or delete your Address Book in Outlook.

  • Close your Outlook application if it is open. 
  • Locate Outlook application in your computer and right-click on the Outlook icon. 
  • Select Properties from the popup menu and further select Email Account. 
  • Click on Directory tab and then select the option View or change existing Directories or Address book. 
  • Proceed by clicking Next and then Outlook Address Book. 
  • You need to click Remove, then Finish and finally click Close. 
  • Now open your Outlook to see if the Address Book is removed from it. You would not find your old Address Book anymore on your Outlook. 
  • Close the Outlook window once again. 
  • Right-click on Outlook icon like you did before and select the option Properties from the popup menu. Further, click the option Directories and then Add a New Directory or Address Book. Proceed by clicking Next. 
  • Click Additional Address Book and then Next. 
  • Further click Select Outlook Address and again click Next. 
  • Finally click OK and then Close to exit the window. 
  • Re-launch the Outlook application. Locate Contacts and right-click on it. 
  • From the popup menu, select Properties. 
  • From the Properties window, choose the Outlook Address Book tab. 
  • Select the checkbox adjacent to Show this folder as an email Address Book and click OK.
Hope you were able to remove your existing Address Book and add a new Address Book to your Outlook application. You can now add a fresh list of contacts to your Address Book and start using them for your email purposes.

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