Friday, September 20, 2013

Finding An App And Installing It From Windows Store

Have you got used to Microsoft Windows 8 operating system already? You might have to find and install apps and programs of your choice from Windows store as free trial versions or purchased ones. You can get Windows help to solve the errors or doubts that you come across with apps on Windows store as well as their installation issues.

The reasons listed below might be preventing you from finding and installing an interesting app from Windows store.

  • You might be having settings for hiding apps
             Set your preferences for Windows Store so that the required or desired apps are never hidden from you. 
  • Age rating for a particular app due to family safety settings
             This parental or age control is useful, but sometimes prevent desirable apps to pop up in the searches made. You would totally forget about this safety setting and may complain that such an app never lists out in your computer’s Windows store.
  • The app unavailable in your country or region
             You need to know that certain Windows Store apps are country or region specific and wouldn’t be available in other areas of the world. This might also occur, if you have chosen your country as a random wrong option from the list of countries during account set up. Make changes to the country selected and the suitable apps would be available in the future searches.
  • The payment method enabled for your account does not match with your residing country or region
             If you wish to buy an app, the payment method should belong to the particular country from where you make the purchase. This might be enforced as a step to provide an overall control or monitoring of the transactions made. 
  • Windows store does not have this app any longer
             The app would have become outdated and removed from the Windows Store list.
  • Incompatibility of processor with the chosen app
            See to the standard system specifications for the chosen app; errors might be popping up due to incompatibility issues. 
  • The system requirements of the app are not met by your PC
            The account to which you are signed in to your PC might not be having enough privileges and specifications as required by the app. 

Hope Windows help information on the problems with apps on Windows Store helped you to fix the PC issues.

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