Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tutorial To Resolve Outlook Errors In Blackberry Curve

Syncing Blackberry Curve with Microsoft Outlook calendar and contacts is an easy task that can be done with the help of Blackberry Desktop Manager. If done properly, this process helps data to be in perfect agreement both on your mobile device and desktop. But in some cases, the syncing operation will not go as smoothly as planned. On each attempt of syncing Outlook and Blackberry Curve, you might get unexpected errors that may prevent completion of the process. Since one of the frequent reasons for such syncing problems can be corruption of Outlook PST, you will be required to take the help of PST file recovery tools.
If you are in the process of syncing Blackberry Curve and Outlook and the process fails, you will have to look for steps that will help in resolving this problem. In most cases, the process will run fine while reading the device entries, but when it comes to a few specific entries of Outlook PST file, it pops up error messages like invalid XML error in Outlook, Outlook errors with contacts etc. one such common error is explained below:

The operation terminated unexpectedly

Also, Sync window closes after you receive this error message on the screen of your computer.

Causes of this error

There can be several causes for the occurrence of errors, but there are some common factors that can cause this error.
Most of the sync issues occur because of incorrect sync configuration. Thus, you can try to resolve this problem by resetting the sync configuration. Sync process can fail due to some issues with Intellisync folder. To solve it, you should delete or rename the folder.
Some corrupt items in Outlook PST file are often found to create problems while syncing. You need to locate these items and, if found delete them. Desktop Manager might be outdated or corrupted. You can solve this specific problem by installing/reinstalling the latest Desktop Manager version.
Microsoft Outlook might be corrupted. This can be fixed by reinstalling the application. Microsoft Outlook data file, which is PST file, might be corrupted. For Outlook Recovery, you need to run Inbox Repair Tool, called 'Scanpst.exe'. If this tool cannot repair corrupted PST, the last resort is to use a third-party pst file recovery software.
This is some information on dealing with Outlook syncing problems in a Blackberry Curve smartphone. The invalid XML errors associated with the syncing problems can be resolved by the instructions given above.

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