Monday, March 18, 2013

How To Get A Computer Renamed After Installing Windows 8?

Windows 8 is the latest one among the platforms released by Microsoft. It boasts the latest features and is used by millions of people all around the world. Since people are in a hurry to get this OS installed, they would sometimes skip the process of naming their computer. When a person tries to perform the Windows 8 installation, they would definitely be asked to provide a name for the computer and that name has to be shown on the entire network. But the computer name need not be provided at the time of installation, it can be provided at any time after that.
A computer would require renaming, as it is essential while saving any important configuration that is set up in the computer .If the user needs to rename the computer, he would have to follow certain steps and formalities. After renaming the computer, it would be required to restart the computer.


First off, log on to the Windows 8 computer. It’s preferable to get into the administrative account.
You will find several options on your screen, from which you must select the Desktop icon.
When the screen of desktop appears on your screen, you may click on the My computer icon, and right click it. A new menu will appear on the screen, from which you can select Properties.
When a new window opens up, select the Change Settings link that you find below Computer name, Workgroup Settings section and Domain.
When System Properties opens up, you can click on the Computer Name tab, and select the Change button.
Select the Computer name/ Domain changes box; after that provide the name of the computer in the Computer Name field and select the OK button.
You will find the OK button in the Information box. Click on it and click on the Close button that you find in the System Properties box.
Now from the box that you find on the screen, click on the Restart now button. This will restart the computer and apply the changes that have been made to the name of the computer.
You may try to follow the above instructions to rename the computer if you have not typed one in during the Windows 8 installation.
If you find it difficult to rename the computer, you can contact the Windows Help and Support team for assistance.

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