Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Help To Disable Chat Alerts In MSN Messenger

MSN messenger (Windows Live Messenger) is an application found in Windows XP operating system, and servers as a platform for instant messaging. The software program allows users to engage in text, as well as audio and video chatting. It’s a very useful application to stay in touch with your friends or relatives no matter where they are located.
MSN messenger usually comes pre-installed with Windows operating system, and some of its default settings automatically get enabled such as audio and video alerts.
Chat alerts
Chat alerts in MSN Messenger means, the audio or video notifications you got whenever you receive a message. Of course it’s a cool feature which helps you to make you aware of the incoming messages even if you are working with some other project on your system. But all users don’t like this feature, therefore Microsoft provides an option to disable the chat alerts in MSN messenger. The below instructions from the Windows help Team support you to do the above task in a simple and easy way.
Start off by launching the Windows Live Messenger application on your machine. For this double-click the Windows Live messenger icon located on your Windows desktop screen.
Now tag along the tools tab on the top main menu bar and from the drop down list thus formed, select the option labeled options.
In the left pane of the options window you will be able to see an alerts option.
Click the alerts option and remove the tick mark next to it. When done, trigger the OK button on the lower bottom of the window.
Then you need to pick out the sounds option from the options window to disable the audio alerts in MSN messenger.
Now put a check mark in the box next to Mute all sounds option. When done, hit the OK button on the lower bottom of the window. Now you have successfully disabled the default chat notifications in Windows live messenger.
After doing all these procedures, the Windows Live Help crew demands you restart the application. This will helps to bring out the changes that you have just made.
That’s all with disabling message alerts in MSN messenger. Hope you found this article helpful. Thank you!

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