Thursday, November 29, 2012

Guidelines for installing drivers in Windows 8

Windows 8 is a munitions store; a munitions store of drivers. Windows 8 comes with a lot of inbuilt drivers for external devices and other hardware. Microsoft has joined with Windows 8 for reducing the stress on the common users while installing drivers. It doesn’t matter the effort Redmond professionals have put into Windows 8, some device will pop-up sooner or later that doesn’t have any inbuilt driver in the Windows 8 arsenal. So what are the users supposed to do in that case? Look at the starry skies. No! If you have a device that is not recognized by Windows 8 or one that does not work properly in this OS, you are provided with the option of installing driver manually; Just like the old counterparts like Windows 7, XP and Vista.
So if you want to install Windows 8 drivers, here are some instructions that will help you. Windows 8 support sites also provide related articles.


1. Navigate to the manufacturer’s website. In the Support or Driver section on the website, enter the model number of the device and download the driver for Windows 8. If there is no driver for Windows 8, try downloading a driver for Windows Vista or 7.
2. After downloading the driver, install the driver in Windows 8 by opening the installer package in Windows explorer. Wait for the installation wizard to complete and restart if asked. Now check whether the device is working or not. If the device is working properly, you got lucky. If not just follow some more steps.
3. Go to the Device manager from Control Panel and uninstall the device driver. After uninstalling the device driver, restart the system and make sure you are connected to the internet. Let Windows search for the driver in the Microsoft Database. If an appropriate driver is present in the database of the device, Windows 8 will download the driver and install the device on its own. If a restart is asked, restart your system and check whether the device is working or not.
4. As an alternative you can go to the device manager and select the device. Now right click on the device and click on the install or update driver option. Windows 8 will ask you to select the place where drivers should be searched. If you have a driver CD, you can select the CD. If you don’t have any driver media, select search Internet for drivers. Windows 8 will install the drivers if found.

For more details navigate to any Windows 8 support websites on the web.

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